I’m alive and well (kinda)

I’ve been away, i confess, i wanted to give up on this blog, but fortunately wordpress doesn’t let you do this. This blog is not in the direction i wanted it to be, i wanted to talk about very intimate things here as probably nobody was listening and no connections to my identity could be made. Unfortunately i don’t believe in the current scenario that to be the case (even if it’s not now, certainly in the future it won’t be private).

Things have changed quite a lot in my life lately, mostly in a bad manner, not only personally, but due to world distress too.

I’m not where i want to be yet, but i feel it getting closer, the place i need to be though isn’t final goals, but working towards them, that’s what fill my heart with content and life with meaning.

I hope i have more and better news in the future to give, sooner than later.


Top 5 reasons why YOUR digital upload will be a no brainer!

So the year is 2116, you decide to take a break from academia pursuits or your business ventures. After 4 consecutive Phd’s in different areas and a multi billionaire business skyrocketing its sucess upon your shoulders of wisdom from living 100+ years you decide you had enough and it is time for vacation.


The thing is, it is not just a normal vacation, very recently technologies have made a trip to other planets in the solar system cheaper than ever – even cheaper than todays run of the mill airplane passage. You buy your ticket to return to earth, a planet you haven’t visited for years while creating your venusian corp.


Okay, here we really begin the topic, what kind of adventure the future might possible reserve for someone living in this scenario? And what does it all have do with digital upload?


What is digital upload

Discarding the ordinary upload of normal files to the internet we run into another possibility, whole brain uploading/mind uploading. I guess if you are interested in the topics that i normaly talk about in this blog, you might be acquainted with the concept, but for those of you who are new to this concept, mind upload is a theorized technology capable of transfering one’s consciousness into a digital scenario (with the possibility of interacting with the physical world) by coping the brain in its functions and all connections patterns in detail.


Controversies with digital upload

If you copy your brain into the cloud and keep your physical self alive, will this “copy” be you or just a copy? Well, i ain’t gonna go through all the details involved with this, but basically there 2 main streams of thought:

1 – If you copy yourself to the cloud you will never be the one there, only your copy, which is a separated entity.

2 – If you copy yourself while deactivating your related brain areas while keep some of your brain functions in the physical one and others in the digital brain, you might in the end be able to transfer your whole consciousness.

The first group believe there is something in the physical body that is inherent to the consciousness itself, even if it can’t be pinpointed. So… No es Possible Passar la Consciousness!

The second group find it most likely that the argument of Theseus boat is true (change one plank each every year at a time, will the boat be the same one after you change every plank – basically), so… Yes! You can be uploaded!


Consequences of being uploaded

  • Immortality
  • Altered time perception (because you will think a million times faster)
  • Super intelligence
  • Super memory
  • New found control over your own emotions and extreme emotions range

And many, many, MANY, others.


Reasons why it is a no brainer to upload yourself

1 – Freedom without irreversibly consequences

Continuing with our story, our guy is headed towards earth, he is somehow bored of how he lived for so long without taking many risks, but he is risk averse not because he was born that way, but because it was necessary to change his brain in order to preserve his life. So he decides to turn off any averse risk mechanism of his minds and only turn it on if he gets uploaded.

Now all the fun starts, all the things that were prohibited for him, as an individual averse to risk, are now liberated for exploration deeper and deeper. Our individual chose wingsuit skydiving on earth, at the old mountains of norway.

FULL_mount_F Credits to VYLE (no gains are made this picture, the picture will be removed under the artist request)

After thousands of jumps, something went wrong, even though we are far safer in the future compared to the beginning of the 21 century, things still aren’t perfect. But that’s ok, near his neck in the wingsuit and inside his body lies a blackbox for urgent digital upload, with almost unlimited width of band, it could upload 10 people simutaneously almost instantenously without breaking a sweat.

Our guy died, and was immediatly transmited to the new international space station (which now is actually a ring around the earth) and rapidly relayed to safe storage around the inner solay system asteroids belt, in the banks of digital “souls”. What will he feel when he wakes up? A heaven like life? Time passing by slowly?

2 – New discoveries and optional path for boredom cases

Some people will be genuinly bored but others will be “bored” of life, the difference between the 2 cases is that people who are genuinly bored are the people who really explored every facet of the human physical life possible (i highly doubt anyone can do this in 100 years, if ever…), but the other case is just people who are lack imagination and found theyselves bored to death.

3 – Colectioners cases

Our third case looks similar to the second one, but it is different in a sense, because people might get bored but have the collector impulse (have you ever played a RPG and found yourself trying to open all chests, find all armors and swords, using all magics?) and in that case, the collector impulse will trump over the boredom.

3 – Impulse (yes, people will do this by impulse)

How many persons have you met in life who make a tatoo just by impulse? Many will be the cases where there will be people digitaly uploaded just because they had some impulse.

4 – Vital failure prevention

Imagine that for whatever reason you have a heart attack (if you still have one in the future, or at least, a biological one), we will probably have a faster emergency response and 24h health monitoring to respond to such hypothetical situation, but if some decides to stay alone in an isolated place, how fast we could get there to save a person in this situation?

5 – Accidents protection

Protection in this case related to ultimate death, not the accident itself. I guess you can figure many situations where this would be useful, for instance a car accident, falling from high places, accidental explosions, drowning, burning and many others. This could be applied even to defense, if somebody try to kill you, they will very hardly succeed (and not because they will oblitarate you physical body, but because they would need make a conjunct attack to digital storages around the space and relay points, which would be really hard and made with protection to this type of attack, because we are talking about many lives, not yours only).


Keeping up with the world advances

As more and more people go into the cloud and we develop AI (or it develop itself) more and more, the world will change in a rate that no human alive today is equiped to respond to. It’s not just about the pace of change but the high flux of information. Even if everything stayed static and no evolution happend, the flux of information is too high for normal unupgraded humans to keep up.

So there you have it, 5 reasons plus one for why you will probably upload your mind in the future, even if you don’t like all parts of this ideia.


Next we are going to see these 2 topics:

1) Two highly effective approaches for learning

2) AGI vs Nuclear Fusion vs Quantum Computers

News – 09/2017


Lately i’ve not dedicated myself in any way to this blog, i usually wonder from time to time, and i’ve came to the conclusion that i dislike some things that i’ve written (yes… i would do them different now), so as it was the case i eliminated this barrier, no long i possess these posts here, and some posts have been altered.

Other than that i would like to talk about my health status and a little gadget i’ve recently found and would find very interesting to share this here


Remember the TONGUE PROBLEM? Solved! Or at least for quite some time, i don’t bother anymore about it, what i did was lower my iron by cutting red meat and reducing (for some time) orange juice and other citric fruits. If that worked in my favor, or what exactly, i can’t tell exactly, but it has been almost 9 months and i can’t remember any tongue maps anymore.

I promissed i would put some photos from my physic change, well i ended up not fixing my HD, but i found these photos so you can have an ideia of where i went…


There is this new cool VR Gear Headset capable of mind control by reading brain waves, in case you never heard about it check out these 2 videos:

HTC Vive Modified With Neurable Reads Your Mind At SIGGRAPH

Neurable, Inc Investor Demostration Video

As i said in both videos, i will repeat here again shortly, i see this technology developing faster and gaining more attention if the software developers use this mixed with our actual controls, like keyboards, mouses and joysticks… Though not only, because we can always develope and discover more if we dedicate a part for standalone use (though a minor one).


That is it for now, got no time, much work comming in my way.
Thanks for the visit.

How we are forgetting the importance of sound on a VR scenario – Part 2

Hello there! Black US here,

Back in September, 9, 2015, i have briefly talked about the importance autonomous sound generation development for future Virtual Reality (VR) scenario and how we are forgetting the importance of sound on a VR scenario. Today i would like to continue this important topic with some new information that i have found.

Recently, during my daily news intake from the site Futurism, i have found this amazing Youtube channel named Two Minute Papers, from an austrian guy named Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. The channel consists of videos at the length of 2 minutes reviewing many interesting, futuristic and cool technologies mainly from the computational field, like: Image synthesis from text with Deep Learning, AI makes 3D models from Photos, Deep Learning and Cancer Research and 3D printing with Filigree Patterns, just to cite a few.

So, i have found this incredible video which goes into a lot of the technical detail that i do not posses the ability to transfer, so go watch it now if you wish, there is a link to the scientific page on the youtube channel video link:

Basically, what he says in the video is that it is now possible to synthesize virtual sound estimating vertices of deformation originated during maneuvering of material. I believe the sound has to be compared with the real thing just to have a notion, but, none the less, it is still quite amazing.

One of my critics back in 2015 was:

“Nowadays games use recorded audio rather than generated audio from synthesizers, that leads us to the limitation of some recorded playback, which might sound ultra realistic, but set a lock on our possibilities and imagination. We could be way better now if we focused more on the development of audio, rather than record, but we decided for the easier road. Time will come to pay for this decision, when VR come it will be incomplete, though realistic looking, mark my words.”

This new research really is a surprise to me, i thought this kind of thing would be decades away, it is amazing to see how fast technology is moving! This is not exactly what i meant, but is a progress, and should be recognized. I feel it is very important to keep working on this kind of technology which could make our VR experience in games (a huge important market nowadays) really better, or even the non VR experience too. Not only that, but this kind of technology could be used in many other areas like schools, universities, medicine, physics, engineering, building and others.

That is what i had to say, stay tuned for more news to come!


¹ – For those of you who don’t know, when i say CIA i mean “see you later”.

UPDATE – January 2017

Hello there!

So, as i have completely neglected during 2016 the “MY GOALS FOR THE YEAR” tab, this year i will do different and update it, you can check it by clicking HERE.

Ok, now that i have started this year the “proper way”, i wanna keep doing what i did before and which i considered to be good, one of that things was the updates posts, following the exact same format.

NOTE: As i said in my previous post, i had some HD accident recently, so i ask you to excuse me, but there will be no photos here, that is, until i can recover the data, if it is even possible.

Well, with that said, let’s begin!


Oh boy! Man! I’ve never did so many things in my life, of course, i mean for so long, my life seems to be really turning the wheels, but caution here, every time one is in such a situation, one has to be careful to not delude himself, life can work, but i might not to, the important here is to try to never lose sight of your goals. And that is exactly what i’ve been trying to do, to me, more important than achieving these things is to learn to enjoy the path and to keep the goals in my head, like a burning passion, until it’s DONE! And then… NEXT!


Most of the info i can tell about my health is in my last post, click HERE to read it. Other than that i can tell that one of the things i do to try to get better around my face and faster is a lymphatic massage around the face, i do it myself, with my hands. Go lookout for it in the youtube if you would like to embark on that too, there are many ways to do it, i don’t know if my way is the best or if it’s even helping at all, i just know that i plan to keep testing it until december of this year.

My body is pretty ok, nothing that upsets me so much, my head/face has always being the center of problems, with things like sore cankers (diminished a lot), bloodshot eyes (decreased intensity), dandruff (really better without using anything, but i still have some behind, near the neck area), seborrheic dermatitis around my face/ears (still a main problem), styes (gone for more than a year), sore throats (not for some months).

About my fitness, i’ve really focused on it again, i’ve bought some equipment and i will soon install it to do calisthenics exercises at home, i hope to see some real gains by the end of this year.

As soon as i recover my HD data i will post here photos about how i achieved to get to my lowest normal BMI, as i said previously in this post HERE. This was phase 2, now phase 3 begins, increase body weight just a little above BMI normal range limit with as little fat increase as possible (i was at 11% BF with my lowest BMI), maximal muscle increase and then, shed all fat layers, until i drop to the maximum normal range BMI, and from there on, i hope to decrease even further BF, maintaining weigh levels around this range and increasing muscle while decreasing fat, that would be phase 4 (which might start this year already). My goal with BF is ≤ 8%.

My cardio routine is 3 days a week, 2 with a stationary bike i have at home, 29 min medium intensity, 1 min high intensity. Total: 30 min per session/day.
My exercise routine is 1 day i train the upper body, 1 day i train legs, and in one day i do abdominal exercises. I will not put it here, because i might soon change, but i will say that with the exercises i’ve chosen to do i try to workout all muscles in these groups, and that is all, once i start a proper calisthenic routing i will update here. I plan to follow Frank Medrano routine, i will tell you guys later (of course i will not post the exact routine, because it is protected).


As i said in THIS post, focus is really, really, REALLY! NEEDED! I can’t tell how much you really wanna focus if you want to achieve things, i insist you learn to say NO! To unwanted situations, learn to stand for yourself, learn to be bold, go out there and get out from your comfort zone, only then you have a chance to have needed strength to focus at the tasks you need. Have you not understood why and what i said? If you don’t go out there and put yourself away from your comfort zone, how can you have the courage to say no when others try to offer you a distraction? But be vigilant, saying no to others is just one face of the coin, the other is saying no to yourself, your internal bullshit (sorry for the term) stories, and everything, you really don’t need to think much, yet you listen to your thoughts as they were that much important, you probably don’t know their potential to lead you astray, so stay vigilant! FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!


I’m not studying spanish anymore, because i want to focus in the studying needed for the public concourse, in order to get my job, but i plan to return as soon as i get the job (if i do!). And then, i’m really looking forward to keep studying, but this time to the scientific area, which really makes me wonder so much about all the future possibilities, and how i can try to help to make some of them real.


I’m not on a relationship right now, but i’m open for it!


I’ve lost a lot of money lately, but i still have some, though the crash of my HD will be really a heavy duty for my wallet in order to fix it. But the data i have is important enough for me to do so, then, i will do it. Other than that, i’ve reintroduced the study of finances, i study this area and other 3 by doing a cyclic book reading kind of thing, one book of each area per cycle, until i complete 4 books, and the cycle restart, this is really amazing, i’ve already read 3 books this year, which is a first, because i wasn’t very fond of reading books throughout my life, but now as i recognize the value of information, i excited to begin this journey!

Very soon, if i am able to get the job i want, i will be able the start increasing my reserves again, and this time i’ve learned to spend wisely, not swinging the pendulum to the other extremity of being a tight-fist. I hope soon to be back with the numbers here.

One piece of wisdom i can leave here is, one of the financial principles i’ve learned in my life is, not only investing money and holding money back to make reserves, but to invest in yourself, in order to get a bigger return/wage. That is what i’m doing by studying to public concourses.

Education (NEW!):

I was a undergraduate in accouting, no longer i am, now that i finished my university bachelor degree. I look for to enter the scientific field (aka biophisical/engineering/chemical area), can you guess what i want?

My grades at university were really great during the entire year of 2016, i totally had not trouble to graduate, this was very encouraging in all areas of my life, it’s essential we have these little victories so we remember what we are capable if we put effort to achieve our goals.


This post was entirely based on THIS ONE, go check it out!

The quest to crack the code – part 2

Hello there, just a quick update, i might edit this one later (or not).

I’ve lost photographic data due to some HD accident, so no photos in this post (even though i could take some now and post it, but i will not show what i originally intended to show if i do so), i’m already working on it to solve this problem.

I’m quite the same, but my hair/scalp has been really almost free from dandruff, which is a first, i’ve never been so clear during my entire life from dandruff without using anything to achieve that! Not only that, but next to my ears, i had some flaking, nearby the cheekbones, about the height of my nose, but this flaking has considerably diminished, which is really cool, but i’m not counting on anything here, let time work its way. The last thing and worst area has been near my nose, in the sinus area, it got really red and flaky some days ago, but now it is back to normality, i guess that might be the cycles of TSW, who knows?

I guess it’s that, once again, if i have the opportunity i will post some pics here to show what i’m talking about, hope you guys are doing well.


Thoughts about 2017

It’s a new year, i’ve been wanting to write about what that brings me forth for some weeks, but i lacked (really!) the time. Now that i have some time in hands due to some occurrences. In this post i would like to start tackling the importance of DISCIPLINE.

A few days ago i had this question: “How do i do to achieve objectives?”, after discarding some initial answers i came with this one: “The only way one can achieve their objectives is by having discipline”. Ok, but what is “discipline” really? We seem to hold some common ideia that discipline involves organization, effort and willpower, which is ok, i’m not going to say it’s a false notion, but i feel there is a lot more to discipline and in a much better structural way.

I asked myself, what is a good way to schematic “discipline”? What is essential to this tool (if you will)?

So i made this:

Let me explain it…

First, you have the sight of an ideia/opportunity, throughout the day of a normal person this happens many times, once this happens, our paradigms/mental background/scenario/personality filters through all of this and elect the best ideias opportunities, this is where a spark of motivation happens and willpower to go after it is born. Returning a step, when we find something interesting that is set as an objective, but how clear this objective is in our mind depends upon the amount of willpower generated, i would even risk to say we have unlimited objectives, but only few ones are looked upon as worthy by us (which is ok, this has to do with focus and i will explain later why).

After that initial phase the next step is taken, action, that is where many of us have gone but few have went beyond of this, because of the cloudy part of “discipline”. What happens is that the willpower/motivation generates energy that bring us forth to trying to realized our objectives, but we fail after quite a short time, why? Because we hadn’t give enough power/time to achieve our objective, so we aren’t able to materialize our vision. Though many of us, if not taken by other objectives, will keep trying, this is “persistence”, the recycling symbol near willpower means that over time, willpower will be charged enough again to remake an attempt, following the path of persistence, this is one aspect of discipline, and many are capable of seeing this, but there is a more forgotten and harder aspect of discipline needed too, named “consistence”.

Consistence is the ability of doing something over and over again in a pace that make things possible to be achieved, the more consistency one have towards an objective, the faster they will be able to make it true (if this consistency is held with quality and efficiency at least). There is a break even point to start making things happen, example: If you start holding more money than what you spend, you will start increase your reserves. That was a very simple example just to show how consistency works. But what makes consistency possible?

As you might have already seen in the graphic above, habit is the key to unlock consistence, that information alone could help some people that know how to change their own habits, but most of the people doesn’t know how to do that. In order to change one’s habit, one should always seek to build momentum, be gradual, take your time, work on what you wanna do but take the baby steps first, build up over time, in that way it’s almost sure you can achieve anything. Though, somethings doesn’t seem to work in that manner, for example, a NO FAP journey requires a lot of trying over and over again, that is why persistence is needed for discipline and consistency alone isn’t the only thing needed. By the way, if one is having trouble in making some habits, other than momentum one can use the tool of rebuilding the subconscious signals from NPL, how do you do this? Example: Let’s say you always binge eat junk food when you return home from work, because in the way to your house, there is a Mac Donalds, you can go through another route so you don’t keeping sending and reinforcing the signal of binge eating whenever that situation appears, at least for a time, in order to rewire your brain, after that, you can try to slowly using your older route (remember? momentum building), once you feel confident enough you can return you daily habitual route 365 days of the year.


There is a myriad of things that only work given due time, and we are not used to that, we really are faulting when it comes to psychologically grasp long term commitment. It’s easy to map out a solution to others problems and struggles, but it is really hard to follow a solution we planned until the end (if your are wise enough to set a limit time, which is a totally must!). Not only that, but we get lost in the conception of new plans to resolve our problems, and in doing so, we never really give the necessary time to experience if the primary planned solution would work or not, and gets even worse, because as soon as we change to our new plan, a new one appears and we are tempted to change again, and so on and so forth, the cycle goes. Although, there is more, the plan part is just one side of our demise, the other side is the difficulties we all have to face during the execution of our plans, if we are not strongly decided and prepared, we give up really fast, like the tick of the berk!

What for “god’s” sake could save us then? Maybe this: Ask yourself whenever your face difficulties, pains and struggle, “what is the most important thing i should be doing right now? What is my goal? What should i be doing?”, and keep in your head daily the 2 sides i have told you about above.

Remember, some things only show result after months, a year, 5 years or maybe even a decade, so be patient!

And maybe that can be enough to build your patience alone, if not, your are not completely lost now, you at least have a light to look forward.


So… in this year, as i am almost sure you, dear reader, as many others have had this thought of making something greater in their life, achieving goals and dreams, realizing visions, complete all your new’s year resolution, i want you to take this from this post. I really hope you start using more of these tools, and commit yourselves to learn more about them, not only that, but to master their use, i’m here to help you with my experience if you find it valuable, let’s walk together the path towards our ultimate visions!

Make yourself 2017 your best year ever!

More content to come, stay tuned!

The quest to crack the code! (TOPICAL STEROIDS WITHDRAWAL)


Hello there, Black US here,

Today i will talk about my quest to crack the code of Topical Steroids Withdrawal, what i have been doing, my thoughts about this and how i am.

When i say i “crack the code” i mean mostly recovering my health, or at least most of it, yes, recovering, because i knew what was to be health prior to having problems with seborrheic dermatitis, which was a gateway to a myriad of problems.



So first my thoughts, what is Topical Steroids Withdrawal on a nutshell? Basically it’s a process that one person goes through after leaving the steroid or steroids this person was using, it happens when the body gets addicted to the substance and can no longer show normalcy without its usage, after leaving the drug, the body starts a recover process with the beginning phase being really bad in appearance and the later phases really better.

But don’t get me wrong here, steroids withdrawal is not a linear process, there are at least some ups and downs in this process to be experienced, varying quantity depending on the person own factors. This was steroids withdrawal in a nutshell (focusing on topical one, but the same principle applies to oral, nasal steroids, though there might be some differences).

Well, after this little introduction, here come comes my thoughts about this.

I do not think that steroids withdrawal are the causation of the symptoms the person has after leaving it, at least after a while, what i do believe is that some imbalance occurs and leaves the body in havoc, but if the person doesn’t tackle this imbalance by other means (aka diet + exercise + lifestlye) he or she will not have success in retreat the disease.

Why i think like this? Because after leaving steroids for almost a month (getting there), although i do recognize it hasn’t been such a long time so i can talk like i’m an expert in this ordeal, i see some patterns arising which indicates that such statements might highly be possible, when i left i got really bad for the first week, then i started to recover in the second week, after that, downfall to the third week, now going to a month and 4 weeks i’m recovering once again, but no big change right now.

All right, i don’t have enough data to make an analysis in my case, but i have long looked out for other persons who are going through this struggle and see this pattern of a little up and some serious down, really repeating itself, over and over again, and what i do notice in many of these persons is that, they do not believe that their health has anything or at least much to do with their diet/lifestlye/exercising. While others who tackle into these 3 factors seem to get the best recovery, of course i will not deny DNA differences among them all, but this is a recurrent pattern i see, and maybe you can confirm this too if you do your own research.

I will not put links or names here, because i hold privacy of these people in high regards, as they are already helping many of us. This idea that the body will recover from steroids withdrawal by itself, with due time and no other change, is a widespread idea that came first, i believe, by ITSAN, which is a great organization, but doesn’t mean they don’t have any flaws there.

So my advice for your, in case you are going through the same struggle is, do something to get your health even better, eat healthier, lookout for allergies, sensibilities, thriving food, diet styles, gut health, stress reduction, bathing in sun, making positive social bonds/relationships, exercising both aerobic (not too much, intense) and anaerobic (with or without weights), and you will probably get a little better, at least, listen to your body, or learn how, go there, get informed!



So, as i believe i have said in the previous post, i have cut all gluten from my diet, after eliminating bread, now i want to invest in leaving nightshades, latter i can remove meat (though i’m totally ok with eating eat, i do accept the possibility of a primal diet being positive for me), increasing organics intake, adjusting quantity, taking some Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements (i will still do it), i’m tackling and experiencing with fasting and intermittent fasting too (now i’m fasting on Sundays, after riding the bicycle for 2 hours in the morning), exercising 30 min everyday and doing anaerobic bodyweight exercises every 2 days. That is just a quick overview, i might chart this better in the future explaining each point and why i think it is important to do things in such a manner.

Other than that i started experimenting with oil pulling with coconut oil, just the benefit of a whiter teeth is enough for me, of course, i researched the possible side effects of such practices, and i do recognize there might be some risks, like lipoid pneumonia, but i will do my own research anyway, the experiment is a 1 month test, after that i might leave this for two times a year if all goes well, like The Hungarian Experiment. But my schedule is 10 min a day, during all days, first a streak of 2 weeks, after that only 3 times a week, and after 30 days i will stop, i might post the results here.

As i heard, this oil pulling might have many benefits due to mechanical action only, if that is the case, i will try next swishing salt with water in my mouth and see what results it gives. Nah! Stopped oil pulling, it is not for me, after reading THIS ARTICLE i thought better, i don’t need to whiten my teeth, i don’t drink coffer nor ever i did a lot of it, my teeth are fairly white and i don’t smoke, not only that but i feel some mucus down my throat really easy, so i might be putting my life at risk of worsening, and that is something i don’t wanna do, ignorance has been the cause of many disgraces to me before, i’m avoiding another possible disgrace now.

I think that resumes most of my action nowadays.



It seems that i’m getting better right now, going up the curve, but who knows for how long before i fall down once again? Or maybe this is the time to get out from this and i will never get bad again, whatever, i don’t know…

Images speak better than words, so here are some:

1)- TSW on my face, phases, the first picture from left to right was taken on 09/10/2016, somewhere Pre-TSW, i was using steroids on and off, the second picture was the last day i used steroids, 11/20/2016, and the third picture was just yesterday (12/15/2016), where i came off from some flaring and got a little better (little redness, mostly flaking, thanks “god” i don’t ooze), i’m even better today i believe.


2)- My fingers downfall, the first image from left to right was taken in 08/29/2016, my fingers were normal, but some small rashes started to appear, after that it went downhill with these three, i suspect it was a combination of using touching in gel to comb my hair (which drys the skin) + steroids + bad diet, but it can be something else entirely, the last photo was taken at 12/11/2016, my fingers are still bad like that, just less reddish.

OBS: I had this problem before since 2006/2007/2008 (can’t remember), and lasted for years in all my fingers from the right hand, later it spread to the left hand, after years and years, somewhere along 2014, my fingers got much better when i started working, and it lasted until 2016, as you can see.


3)- And last, some other points and images, from left to right, my fingers, geographic tongue (a non contagious and usually inoffensive syndrome where the tongue have with some spots, they come and go, changing places or entering remission, i don’t know if you can see in the picture but i have two, one on the left side and the other over the tip of my tongue, usually they are small like the one over the tip, but this one over my left side was really abnormal, i never had this so big before so i took a pic) taken at 12/12/2016, and some dandruff near my Alopecia (it looks like telogen/anagen effluvium not alopecia, but the official diagnosis was alopecia, might i say without deeper investigation, just in locco observation) sideburns, and my hairline dandruff, both taken yesterday (12/15/2016).


Overall, i’m not really that bad, there are many people going through harder times than me there, but even these problems are enough to hinder a lot of potential in life, we should always seek the best health possible.


Hope it helps

The actual state of medicine (+ update)

In the past, many times it happend to me that after scheduling and going to an appointment with a doctor i would be badly treated, this would made me feel revolted and not very open to trust this class of workers, oh my…

But what do i mean by badly treated?

Treated like a mad person whose ideias are too uncanny to even be considered, having difficult to express myself and not being listen, not being given proper time to examination running through the appoitment and being joked upon.

Well, some of those things still happens nowadays, but what changed? I don’t care as much as i did before, i understand that medicine is not a final stage, state of art field, and that leads to many breaches to fail. I understand nowadays that it is almost impossible to treat every patient with proper care, medicine rightnow is more of a safeguard that if something very urgent happens, there will be someone with the right technique to take care of it, in many cases at least.

Overall i lowered my expectations and upped my realization.

The medical field right now doesn’t work so well to diagnostic some things that are uncommon and not so urgent/primordial care. It’s a blunt tool, one should know how to best approach and use it, so one doesn’t fall over the pitfalls of medicine (like topical steroids addiction and any other medication really), one goo use can be bloodtests to preview the formation of any disease, in that manner one can tackle stuff that is already happening or might happen if the natural course follows.

But this is not the only problem with medicine

This is not the only problem with medicine, another problem is the butchering that is happening on many surgery rooms, it is life saving, i do reckonize, but it is too old, too antique, our current understanding makes we see the dark side of those surgeries, it’s time for a better way, and many research the basis of this revolution right now, bioengineering can serve very well as the tool to achieve the next level, i talked about it in my last post, which you can see clicking HERE.

The quest for a virus free world

DRACO is the acronym made by Dr. Todd Rider from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it stands for Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizer, nice name for such a miraculous piece of potential technology. It basicaly works by identifying inside cells, double strands of dsRNA from cells infected by any kind of virus, if this happens, a autoswitch for cell suicide is turned on and the cell apoptosis itself.

This technology has been tested in some kind of viruses with mammals, but it needs more resources and publication so Dr. Rider can improve the technology and continue the study until if proven safe, release the technology to combat many diseases that plagues us today. It’s incredible how little published this has been, and the research even has received some recognitions from many important institutes, like the White House, National Institute of health and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

I think it is very important to help this research, i’ve seem the pappers and it seems promissing, please, if you can, help by funding or spreading awareness of this, the link to the indie gogo campaing is HERE, there you can find more information about Dr. Todd Rider quest, and by no means it is only his quest, it is a quest for all of the humanity that has been plagued by these viral diseases since man is known as man.



Just for a quick and short overview, ND being Nothing to Declare

Health: I’m exercising again and trying to eat better, i keep the steroids withdrawal as i said i would, it is too early to tell if i have any progress i think. About eating i have cut bread and now i eat sweet potatoes in the morning along with water or some juice (if not orange, i put sugar, unrefined sugar is better, when i have some in my house).

Finances: I have long stopped talking about it, i do not work anymore, so i have no cash in, i spended alot during this year, but i still have more than half of the money i had in my peak, i just need to stop using more now, i will not look for investments because i’m not with the mind, nor much free time and cash incoming to feel like doing this.

Relationship: ND

Study: A long haul, i’m trying to go back to my track, university is over, now i have more time to pursue the public career.

Now with some other topics

During the life of this blog, since i have opened it in july 2015, i have thought many times about deleting some posts, pictures, infos and sometimes the entire blog, maybe that is a common thought to anyone who has an online blog/youtube channel/social media account/etc. The problem is that i have changed in this little time, and as i change i do not agree with some things and views i had about life anymore, some other problem is identity risk, anyway, i had until now always decided to stay with everything, maybe in hopes to show that some transforming your life is possible, that is why the name of my alias is Black US XY, because it starts very dark, but it gets clearer and clearer along the path, that why i say: Step one: Freedom achiever, because we have to be free before we can explore existence, but that is a deep topic, for future conversations.

I changed my view (i no longer think in the same way i used too)

You could say that maybe i am more optimistic, maybe i am more realistic, but surely i feel that this just has to do with a growing awareness that focus on solutions, problems and bad stuff that happen doesn’t help anything, and this is a very realistic view in my perspective. Yeah, it’s good to be aware of the problems you can have if “X” happens, but it also very good to stop whining a bit and work out to solve stuff.

One of the things that i always whined about was relationship, i have many posts talking about this, i don’t feel it is any productive anymore, i just say i haven’t give up, maybe because the human instict is greater than the human paranoia. Anyway, i no longer care much about this, i’m working my way out to solve stuff, in due time i will work on this area too, but right now my health calls urgently!

Another thing i wish to leave here is, do not let yourself be guided by blind people, be it in health, finances, relationship advice, whatever. If you have some knowledge of these areas and know some experts tactics, it doesn’t mean you have to follow everything of what they say (or maybe anything at all), but of course, if you are a completely ignorant about these areas, maybe you should listen to someone before just so you know more about what you are dealing with, after that, follow your intuition.

I hope this helps someone as this has proven to help me, at least in my emotional state, which is very important.

The need of bioengineering revolutionary technology (and update)


Today i will return a little bit my topic style and talk about something which i really like.



So, bioengineering is the junction of Biology and Engineering, this area of science has been responsible for many of the modern marvels we see today in the field of health. To name a few:

  • Prostethics (hands, arms, legs, feet)
  • Hospital equipment (computer assisted surgery system, 3D ultrasound)
  • Molecular level engineering (nanoengineering)
  • Cellular level engineering (CRISPR/CAS9)
  • Implants (teeth, bones like materials)
  • Energetic and environmental machinery (bacteria that phage oil/petroleum, energy from photosynthesis)

But not only that, there is much more that this area do to advance technology. Speaking about bioengineering better, there is more to it than simply biology and engineering, there is medicine and physical sciences (chemistry, physics, mathematics…) too. Today, the main usage of bioengineering is in the field of medicine. And last, but not least, bioengineering can be used in therapeutical (to treat a disease or a symptom of it) and non-therapeutical (to increase health levels) approaches, alongside with the pharmaceutical area.



According to Wikipedia, the term bioengineering was coined in 1954 by British scientist and broadcaster Heinz Wolff. The first biological engineering program was created at Mississippi State University in 1967, making it the first biological engineering curriculum in the United States.

As some example of usage of this field, we will discuss three areas

  • Medicine
  • Energy
  • Environmental

In medicine bioengineering can be used to treat many diseases, one of the main disease it can treat right now, and will keep improving, is cancer, improving current cancer therapies making them more tolerable and efficient, and creating new solutions.

In energy we have biocells that are capable of energy storage and producing, another thing would be capturing the energy from mechanical movements of bodies, yet another can be using cells mechanism to create energy output.

And last environmental for example something that happened not long ago, the oil accident in Mexico bay, with new technology developed by bioengineers we can tackle the problem of ambiental damage with oil phagic bacteria.



There are two main usages of bioengineering that i would like to discuss here, they can be considered as completely revolutionary. One is for health and the other one is for aesthetics, the usage of bioengineering technology to develop health solutions would inevitably lead to the usage of the same tech for aesthetical purposes, and that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored, rather thought about in advanced so we know how to handle.

Of course, when i talk about those 2 areas the first is “the most important”, because if you look today for the technology being developed it is much more inclined to medical research, for obvious reasons. One way that aesthetical utilization could be supported is by showing how much return on investment (ROI) this area can bring. Not only that, but aesthetical usage could be a legitimate way of addressing people needs and you can even consider the psychological health aspect of it too.

Now let’s talk more specifically about what revolutionary means i intend when i discuss this topic. First let’s clarify that we are now talking specifically about the utility of bioengineering in human beings, for health reasons. With that in mind we can come up with a theory that what the human body is on a higher level than nanoscale is an aggregation of tissues, from muscular, to bone, skin, organs tissues, etc.

What i propose here is a mean of altering the tissues from the human body on a microscopic level with nanomachines and  in a rate that give results within some months and weeks without being noticed, much more like a “white goo”, something out of the realm of human imagination to the sheer reality. And after the usage to transform the tissue the nanomachines could be deported and some could stay for maintence or nothing at all, depending on the will of the client.

But clearly, there are many hurdles to be overcome before we can achieve such amazing technological trick, for instance:

  • Development of better AI (this technology can hardly be achieved without AI systems to support the functioning of nanomachines in harmony)
  • Development of better detection ways, non-invasive and non-radioactive diagnoses
  • Better understanding of diseases in general (this is being worked by global scientific community)
  • Funding and coast feasibility (there needs to be interesting in funding this kind of research and its utilization should be coast effective to be feasible)
  • Social and scientific community awareness of this possibility being true, and just a matter of how much time we put, effort and money (this needs the support of everyone, but mainly the scientific community)
  • And finally, development of the technical ways in which we can create these machines, operate and perfect them, this involves mimetics of machines we already have but in nanoscale and from biosystems; technologies to operate them like quantum computing with some sort of long range communication and algorithms to communicate all the machines in coherence; the perfecting part being just the evolution of an already working technology

All that is VERY HARD to achieve, but not impossible, and certainly plausible, we have time on our favor. Every area needed for this is advancing, these advances bring awareness and drop the prices of these technologies.

One tissue that could be worked very easily, bringing massive results could be bone tissue (this may involve teeth too), actually this area is mainly being neglected, with advances almost always being in the prosthetics field, which is good and should be advanced, but i feel like there is a need to look out more for our own natural biological body, and this technology addresses just that.

Bones are the blue print of the human body, everything from your spine, torso, face, eye levels, legs and arms, are primary defined by your bone structure, change that and you create almost a new person, one can already easily identify why this can be used for health purposes and aesthetical too. There are many ethical implications from the usage of this technology, but all technologies developed by man had good and bad impacts, this should be no different to this tech, and not a reason to not work into this area.

Lately (or in pararell) this could be used to treat cardiac tissue defects, and i mean changing the structure of the organ from the inside out if necessary, not only bringing new pieces of regenerated tissues. For example, mitral valve reconstruction, some nanobots would diagnose the place, take some samples from the cells in the valve, remake it and produce more healthy tissue, reconstruct the valve and make a perfect functioning valve. Alongside with this there could be many others uses in the body as said previously, this is just some example.



From the perspective of individuals, a changing society and an analysis of what has been working throughout the years and what hasn’t, i would say (and this is just an educated guess) that the junction of Science, Medicine and Health, needs a paradigm shift urgently, otherwise our newest inventions will fail short like our previous inventions, because of a bad usage.

Science is the motor of revolution in medicine, and medicine is used to understand the realm of health, ever since we began to use these, we have been encountering problems along the way, those can be avoided if we develop our awareness to our current situation and future needs.

As society, one needs to do a “Due Diligence” before seeking out medical help, and the medical field should open their mind to new possibilities and see what has been the truth of our world in terms of health, science should be used to give always the maximum benefits, and that can only be achieved with awareness.

One of the failures of the medical field right now is in the utilization of steroids to treat skin problems and other autoimmune diseases. There has been a mess created in the lives of many patients which haven’t taken responsability for the health before, falling down in bad treatments without knowing what they were doing, and medical community which has been blinded to the obvious before they eyes. By no means ever we are going to achieve perfection of medical treatments, so what we have here is less than perfect, which means tendency to failure, so patients need to seek for guidance in a proactive manner.

Which leads to my health update…


So, linking this post with THIS one (where i first have talked about topical steroids use by me), i decided to give an update of my current situation and my future prospects.

List of problems:

  • Runny nose (+ sinus and blocky nose)

Basically i had this problem on and off for periods of time, in the middle of this year until the early later half of it, i had this really bad and annoying, but then i found ways to decrease it, to name, changing diet (cutting eggs, i ate 4-5 fried eggs per day), not eating meat for a while (just vegetables and some beans and rice), like 1 or 2 weeks. Initially it helped me restore a better functioning nose, but as i returned to my old habits it attacked me again. Now we are entering the later, later half of the year (from months 9/10 above), i started to change my approach a little (instead of adopting a temporary refined no meat diet), until in october i permanently retired eggs from my diet (that alone gave me great results until nowadays), and in november i reduced the amount of bread to 8 per day (3 at morning, 2 at afternoon, 3 at night). So i think it has been one or two months without nose problems.

  • Breathing problems

I never had other problems than the normal allergy to dust “everyone has”, which was ok, until i started having sinus problems at age 13 beyond, somehow in 2014 i had this problem for breathing where i would make sounds and feel air lacking a bit, it looked like asthma, but never i got a diagnostic of it. Anyway, throughout 2014-2015 and 2016, i have been clearing my diet ever more, which led me to not noticing any of this problem in 2016 after the later half of the year, as far as i am concerned. Exercise here helps a lot too (though i stopped completely)

  • Bloodshot eyes

Just like runny nose, sinus and blocky nose, i was constantly attacked by symptoms of red eyes, and that same thing i did for the nose worked for my eyes, but i will say that the temporary diet change didn’t stabilize so well my eyes as the october and beyond eggs retiring and diet limiting seem to have helped. It has been one month and my eyes look much more stable than before, and much less inclined to having problems and irritations of sorts.

NOTE: I still eat meat of all sorts, to name, chicken, fish, liver, beef. But i avoid industrial meat (i just have to officially cut, i rarely ever eat it) and fried one. And yes, i want to eliminate this from my diet, as i have in another year, during 1 year time.

  • Mouth ulcers

I never wanted to admit to myself that some natural food wouldn’t be always recommended, but i overcame my mindset and started to diminish orange juice intake (i drank 3-4 times per week, 1.8 liter per day), nowadays i drink only once per day about 900 ml which is a lot, i admit, but it is half of what i used to drink, i still drink 3-4 times per week. So it has been 1 month without it, which is really cool, just as a bonus effect of good health, other than that i really feel like alcohol, fast food, biscuits and junk food in general acidify our organism making all types of havoc including mouth ulcers and stomach pain.

NOTE: To this day i’m not entirely sure if pure orange juice (no ice, no sugar, no water) from the fruit really create mouth ulcers, i feel like it is a catalyst to this expression in case you have some impurity on your system, but i don’t know if i came back to drinking 2 liter per day, 7 days a week, if i would get these mouth ulcers, because sometimes i ate some junk food, and 1 week later, boom, mouth ulcer, and the effect may last for months, who knows? I need more time, more testing, more data before saying anything.

  • Gas problems

When it comes to gas problems, also known as farts, i kind of have it pretty constantly along all these years, but there are things i do that are very suspicious, and probably are the cause of this problem. My gas problem manifests in the form of holding which leads to discomfort to the extent where i feel some bad pain inside my belly if holding for too long. When i have these attacks it hit me every 25-30 min, usually in social situations, where i have to hold myself because of manners. The things i do that are suspicious is eating always drinking water, and eating lots and lots of breads (gluten) and beans, i kind of feel very dry which leads me to this sense of thirsty, maybe it is because of steroids, i don’t know, but i do drink a lot of water! I have to tackle this during my TSW to see if i can improve.
Anyway i’m ditching the bread.

  • Stye

Since the last post which has been wrote in november, 1, 2015, i have to say as far as i remember i had no stye problem in 2016, neither in the end of 2015. What i think helped me the most for this was the diet change i went trough before november, 2015. I have cutted a lot of shit, lots and lots of junk food, basically i only ate bad stuff if eating fried eggs with bread, bread alone and my lunch (which i will tell bellow all details).

This is a super win, this problem was really annoying and concerning, i felt everytime this shit came, it left my eyes more distorted (and maybe it did), but now i’m long free, and enjoying the ride of liberty from this problem.

  • Other problems, skin problems, alopecia areata

Well, with what i have told right now you can see that health is multi layered, what worked for solving some problems doesn’t solve all of them, some problems are more acute (a little mistake can bring them), others need a certain buildup like stye, etc.

Skin wise my seborrheic dermatitis hasn’t got any better, to the contrary, it is slowly getting worse, affecting some other areas of the body, like genitals (it is hard to say that), but how can it improve if i was all this time under topical steroids of the more potent class existing (Clebatosol Proprionate)? I leave this problem to this causation, once i have more data and time off i can see what diet really did to me in this sense, right now i only have 1 week of steroids free.

Alopecia areta, barbae to be more specific (at least that is what my dermatologist told me, even though i don’t have circular patterns in my face, but rather a diffuse loss and thinning), it still on, i have been manifesting some growth all around my face, neck, etc, but i don’t know what could it be, and it seems to have stunted. The growth could be from age itself alone, the fact that sometimes i stopped topical steroids for a while which led to more growth after months, could be due to food, or something else i have no idea, i really don’t know, but i hope to solve this after sometime without steroids, but i’m ready to take a big no and lookout for something else if necessary.

General overview of what i ate during the year and what i binged during the year, with periods

I basically ate/drank during this year

Morning: Bread (normal, with gluten), bread (normal with gluten) with , water, orange juice.

Lunch: Rice, beans, some chicken/meat (usually avoided fried meats), rarely any vegetables.

Night: same as morning.

Hard to believe i did this all year long, basically, but i have excluded so many things from my diet over the years that i really have limited the source of diseases that way, so i can better understand the effects of food in my life and health, anyway, what i ate before was so shitty that it is not even worth to eat. I think i have been really lazy to add more stuff to my diet, but i plan to change that once i have eliminated bread and meat in general, and probably cooked food (rice and beans), i want to approach a raw vegan diet if possible, to see what benefits it can give me, i do not exclude the possibility of a primal diet (or any other really) being positive too, but that will be for other moment.

About my bingings

I can count on the fingers the times i went off track with this strict diet, one was during a friend’s of my mine daughter first year birthday, during this party i drank a lot of alcohol (which all the year long i didn’t before that) and ate a lot of candy, biscuits, cake, some junk food of my country (which is pretty useless to tell, but imagine a fried gluten mass with some chicken meat inside), one week after, boom, mouth ulcer.

Later, one month or two, i started drinking every friday with friends, a lot of alcohol, and eating fried meat too, until one day i drank a wednesday, and after that i rejected to drink at friday, and since then, i haven’t drink, it must be around 1 month.

In the beginning of the year, while working (i left my job in the middle of the year) i would eat some bad stuff others would offer me, and in the university i ate some candy offered to me.

That is it, i haven’t binged more than that in my diet other than this, if my memory is correct. What i can say i did is exaggerate the amount of food i ate in my diet many times, that is a whole other source of binging.

I wanted to finish saying that since 21/11/2016 i do not use topical steroids anymore, i used some during my life, like Omicilon (since i was a kid, to combat mouth ulcer, when they came, it was a sporadic usage), Predisone (oral, when i got sick, sporadic usage too), Nasonex (nasal steroid), since age 11-15 (i can’t remember), until 2013, Advatan (applied to the face, started with eyebrows, from age 12-15 (can’t remember either), until 2014-2015, some other 2 ointment i used behind my ear, i think it had steroids with antibiotics, and last, i used some Topison (it is a protopic, not steroids) at my face for a “short” period of time, about 3-5 months, the same time i started using Therapsor, the most potent steroid of my life, since 10/02/2015 until 28/11/2016. Luckily enough i have maintend a “low” dosage of steroids in a very small area (my scalp only) using at the beginning once per two or three weeks, then once per two weeks, than twice per week, until recently where i used twice per two week, 2x and stopped (my last application was 20/11/2016).

Last thoughts

If you are unfortunate to have less than normal health like me, for whatever reason, you are confronted with two choices, try to get better or let it get worse, and if you choose the first option, there are levels and levels of it, the smarter and harder you work, the better your chances to achieve your desired results. Other people will judge your actions, you way of looking, and everything you are and do, but that doesn’t matter, they surely don’t know even a drop about you and your fight, it is up to you to guide your life, do not let yourself be guided by blind men and women, it is you who knows your weakness and strengths, fight for your life!

By the way, this is my blog, sorry if you didn’t come here to see me talking about myself, but i will probably keep doing it, just skip the part where i talk about myself and read the texts i make about topics if you like.