A way to transfer consciousness to an artificial carrier

I like the ideias of transhumanism, so i always get myself thinking about it from time to time, one that stuck to me and to many others as impossible, or unreasonable hard, is the ideia of dispense the human brain to an artificial tech made carrier. How would we transfer consciouness, what would guarantee that we wouldn’t die along the process and just create a copy of us?

To answer this i will come with the fundamental analysis of scenario, electronics ships are made of atoms, so is the brain too. Atom is the basic building blocks to matter as we know it. If we can create a life with consciouness on a biological array of atoms who can say we can’t create it too on an artificial manner?

So what should we do?

We should first fully understand the brain, and i mean, everything, every process, every reaction, then we should move to activate and completely inactivate parts of our brain fuctioning and having no substitute, just ceasing their existence out of the world, and once again activate these parts by rejoining the missing link, and achieve previous cognitive function.

Once we are able to do this, we can then tread the final steps to a completely artificial carrier. That involves substitute parts of the biological brain to the artificial cognitor, for instance, our sense of balance, we could easily start with this part, even more if we tested it with some disabled volutaries, who can’t make it very well right now, and seek for their cure. Later we could try with short memory, long memory (each isolated). Until we transfered everything and no part of the old biological self was there, i’m sure if you lose part of your brain you will not kill your consciouness, but if you “just try” to transfer the brain to the artifcial cognitor, we surely can die in the process. Following step by step program we more soon than later, can transform ourselves into machines.

On a more advanced level we can just make the process almost instataneous, like a electric shock. than in the bat of an eye we will be machines, not humans only.

What do you think about my hypothesis?

Science forgot about skeletal postural dieseases

We might surely be on the brink of a wonderful scientific revolution, though we may have missed some points. Everyone is talking about wonderful (indeed) possibilities that nanotechnology will bring to us, but are we tackling everything needed to make our lives better, or had we forgot about it?

If you follow science health news and forecasts like me, you will see that we can find great amount of texts about nanotech, stemcells and DNA manipulation towards the greater good of humanity on many levels. Like nanotech autobots that would kill cancer, kill all kind of virus (would be amazing to living on STD free world), bacterias, and give support or even enchance our functioning to superhuman levels making us do now impossible feats. Or stemcells amazing possibilities like 3D printing organs, grafts of skin, and preservation of our cells for future needs. Or we can talk about DNA manipulation too, which would lead to better overall functioning human population without “incored” diseases (DNA caused)/core defect, or with general better traits, like intelligence in what is related to it.

But we forgot about our Skeletal Postural Diseases. Nobody is talking about how we can use these techs to cure scoliosis for example? How we can make crooked rib cages perfect ones. How we can fix wrong teeth positioning to its fundamental level (working in the bones that hold the teeth), without breaking needed equilibrium? How we can grow taller equally on all bones without it being by unnatural form? Maybe those things are too hard to even think about, but it will not get better if we don’t start working out on these things, more study should be conducted towards it, i hold this opinion.

Do you agree with me or not? If you don’t i challenge you to prove your point on the comments below!

But this is not all we are forgetting, i might talk soon about how we are forgeting the importance of sound on a VR scenario… UPDATE: HERE

My bet to a better Financial future

I am not here to talk about economics, but just to say that i might soon start a business that would yield me a great amount of money, i’m not a fool, to belive i would ever get rich fast enough by the convetional ways, always the road is unconvetional, i’m not advocating that treasures are not made slowly, i’m just saying that i have no patience, because there is more much really to occupy my life other than working for the brighter days with focus on financial terms.

What happens when you try to take a shortcut?
I noticed my brain tried to sabotage me, maybe because an old pattern that my brain is hacked to. If you ever notice yourself doing the same, wide open your eyes to this conclusion that might lead you off from your path. I noticed that because i was trying to open this business and get prosperity fast, i thought on my mind that it was cheating and missing some steps to get there, which is totally fake if you make a cold realistic analysis. How many billionaires we have that sold their ideia and got big bucks for it fast as hell lightning? So why should i belive on this limiting belief?
Another thing i would do is thinking about to concluding some things that could be concluded in others place, just a little later (and sure for my advantage), i tried to make a relationship, but again this is just wrong wiring of thoughts, and will lead to nothing but the loss of opportunity, so don’t do it.

I’m sure still fighting those things, but hell yeah, i’m really aware of them!

Why i am so hopeful?

Why am i?

Because i belive in the transhuman movement, i belive in the thoughts of immortality achieved by scientific means (not dennying any other possible way, but just stating what is really within the common grasp, as i have no proof for others ways). Which would lead me to have almost infinity time (before the thermic death of universe) to live life and achieve great things, and sure be comfortable on the road.
Anyway, i am not afraid of dying, because if there is anything on the other side at all, we will just get by, as we do here in this human realm. If there is nothing, i only see it as eternal peace, and wouldn’t matter to me too. The point is, we should seek always for the better while we live, and if we die, we won’t miss ourselves, but rather the greatest pain is for those who like/love us.

Blurred night city lights - abstract landscape
That is the greatest reason of why i see better days ahead!

It’s been a long time…

Hello, fellow readers, it’s been a long time, during this period, i always wanted to come here and post something… … … but i was too weak to do anything (on a mental state). Now i have the chance to payback for those failures, i will try to put this project on the road again. Let’s start with a series of mini posts about many of the topics that i thought during this time (they were many others)

The quest for centralization
This was the first theme that i thought about posting, since my last appearance, what i mean by the word Centralization? At this time (when i wished to post, and many others previous times too) i was feeling the centralized mood, i felt “adequate”, everything i did, seemed to be on the right step, at the right time, on a “hypnotic state”. Ok i don’t wanna be a lier, words are words, and they form texts. Whenever we read people commenting about they wonderful nirvana like experiences (even more among those hippies/alternatives people) we might feel like they are really achieving the best experience ever, having a great time that we will never have, and feel some kind of annoyance over ourselves. To tell you the truth i don’t feel anything close to full experience, i just feel more close to those things that i described, hypnotic state, adequation and metric steps. And that’s the truth of it, not a big catch.
Burning Shame
Fucking hell man… What i did to my life? I fucking burned everything once again, and now i’m fucking burning in shame once again, this is ridiculous, so much i can’t describe how i feel in words. I did all wrong again, knowing the steps out of trouble, and that i could never win this enemy, i tried once again to break my face, to take what others have taken from me with easy. I’m fucking mediocre.
I will never have back what i lost
I might be working for/towards a better future.
I might have many possibilites and things in the future.
But one thing that i am almost sure about is that i will never have back what i lost, and what i mean by it is not the obvious ever lost past experience, but just the chances of having those things in time, example: In the future we will have driveless cars, and those will probably be the most usual kind around, which leads me to never experience what feels like to have a car, a Toyota SUV (not that i want only this car) to be more specific. And in the future the car will restyle, and along this i will not have the car i want, but rather other one. Two big fuck ups for me wating down the road, and that is just a minor importance example.
The weakness in my bonds
I can see it, though i observe it, and for such a long time it could only raise wisdom on those who perceive thy truth, my art has never been of changing those things, but rather be a hit rock from these events.
I can’t really tell how many times i have seen my defects, and how long ago i could have changed them (though i don’t give up to eliminate most of them), well… here i am, making superficial interactions and hoping for profound fruits from this devil unbalanced relationship. Big mistake, there will be nothing from this sick relationship, “nor i can” work for a change nowadays, since i no long have my cool.
Our poor, fucked up, weak and debimental minds
STARS - Alterado


On our brains (at least on mine) there is something that is primarily, there is a part of me that insists to come in terms with the reality, or at least, the laws of probability, which never lies. There are somethings that are simply not meant to work for some, and though we get hit by the punch, we keep deluding ourselves, extending the amount of suffering, pain and shame by trying over again the dim chances probability of sucess. WE OUGHT TO SEE, THE CHANCES ARE SO SMALL THAT ACTUALLY THEY ARE NOT THERE TO BE TAKEN SERIOUS, JUST TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT CAN HAPPENS, BUT NOT WAIT OUR BUTTS ON IT.

While all of this is true, i have to tell, there is a pain growing inside of me, making havoc on my already torn soul, and destroying all habitable spaces of peace and ever loving (realationship) someone, i feel so much resent that i grow tired of this, to the point that i might just never want it altogher, though it may prove more than just possible in the future.
My financial realization project

The Freedom, as i see it, is a conjecture of many things, like health, power, infuence, liberty, and most of all money. Folks, girls and boys, let’s face it. Without money you can’t do anything (or at least much) on this life/planet hell (i really like earth, i don’t think it’s planet hell, it just a bad place for some, but not all of the earth, just some place inhabited by some shitty people). So, because of this, i decided to focus on my health freedom realm (i have been making some advances, though i still fail at some points, i’m on the edge) and financial freedom. They are 3 possible routes on Financial Freedom (FF):
– Entrepreneur (This one is the holy grail, and always has been, only by being an entrepreneur you can reach the level of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk and the likes, on money, at least. The bad part about it is when you start a business you are putting your capital on some really risky application, that can go all wrong and leave you with debts to pay)
– Private Companies Career (Pay low salaries at start, but have some small/medium chance to achieve better paid jobs than government workers on later stages, the bad point here is the constant need for universities degrees of post graduation, and many courses to your CV)
– Government Worker (this pay high salaries on start, you can always change jobs and places easily applying for open concourses, so this prove very useful for leveranging good amounts of money whenever need on a basic level. On high level it involves too much politics (which i hate) and is really hard to get there (this is not about being lazy, this is about making part of something you don’t wish for yourself, so i don’t too).)

I like to read stories folks, i really wish it is somehow conforting and maybe inspirational to you guys to read those texts, but i can surely tell, you all will probably grow tired of this whining if just keep it up, i hope for a different life, but right now on this beggining, that’s all i have to give.

We will never be, i am the moon