A way to transfer consciousness to an artificial carrier

I like the ideias of transhumanism, so i always get myself thinking about it from time to time, one that stuck to me and to many others as impossible, or unreasonable hard, is the ideia of dispense the human brain to an artificial tech made carrier. How would we transfer consciouness, what would guarantee that we wouldn’t die along the process and just create a copy of us?

To answer this i will come with the fundamental analysis of scenario, electronics ships are made of atoms, so is the brain too. Atom is the basic building blocks to matter as we know it. If we can create a life with consciouness on a biological array of atoms who can say we can’t create it too on an artificial manner?

So what should we do?

We should first fully understand the brain, and i mean, everything, every process, every reaction, then we should move to activate and completely inactivate parts of our brain fuctioning and having no substitute, just ceasing their existence out of the world, and once again activate these parts by rejoining the missing link, and achieve previous cognitive function.

Once we are able to do this, we can then tread the final steps to a completely artificial carrier. That involves substitute parts of the biological brain to the artificial cognitor, for instance, our sense of balance, we could easily start with this part, even more if we tested it with some disabled volutaries, who can’t make it very well right now, and seek for their cure. Later we could try with short memory, long memory (each isolated). Until we transfered everything and no part of the old biological self was there, i’m sure if you lose part of your brain you will not kill your consciouness, but if you “just try” to transfer the brain to the artifcial cognitor, we surely can die in the process. Following step by step program we more soon than later, can transform ourselves into machines.

On a more advanced level we can just make the process almost instataneous, like a electric shock. than in the bat of an eye we will be machines, not humans only.

What do you think about my hypothesis?

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