My bet to a better Financial future

I am not here to talk about economics, but just to say that i might soon start a business that would yield me a great amount of money, i’m not a fool, to belive i would ever get rich fast enough by the convetional ways, always the road is unconvetional, i’m not advocating that treasures are not made slowly, i’m just saying that i have no patience, because there is more much really to occupy my life other than working for the brighter days with focus on financial terms.

What happens when you try to take a shortcut?
I noticed my brain tried to sabotage me, maybe because an old pattern that my brain is hacked to. If you ever notice yourself doing the same, wide open your eyes to this conclusion that might lead you off from your path. I noticed that because i was trying to open this business and find prosperity fast, i thought on my mind that it was cheating and missing some steps to get there, which is totally fake if you make a cold realistic analysis. How many billionaires we have that sold their ideia and got big bucks for it fast as hell lightning? So why should i belive on this limiting belief?
Another thing i would do is thinking about to concluding some things that could be concluded in others place, just a little later (and sure for my advantage), i tried to make a relationship, but again this is just wrong wiring of thoughts, and will lead to nothing but the loss of opportunity, so don’t do it.

I’m sure still fighting those things, but hell yeah, i’m really aware of them!

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