Science forgot about skeletal postural dieseases

We might surely be on the brink of a wonderful scientific revolution, though we may have missed some points. Everyone is talking about wonderful (indeed) possibilities that nanotechnology will bring to us, but are we tackling everything needed to make our lives better, or had we forgot about it?

If you follow science health news and forecasts like me, you will see that we can find great amount of texts about nanotech, stemcells and DNA manipulation towards the greater good of humanity on many levels. Like nanotech autobots that would kill cancer, kill all kind of virus (would be amazing to living on STD free world), bacterias, and give support or even enchance our functioning to superhuman levels making us do now impossible feats. Or stemcells amazing possibilities like 3D printing organs, grafts of skin, and preservation of our cells for future needs. Or we can talk about DNA manipulation too, which would lead to better overall functioning human population without “incored” diseases (DNA caused)/core defect, or with general better traits, like intelligence in what is related to it.

But we forgot about our Skeletal Postural Diseases. Nobody is talking about how we can use these techs to cure scoliosis for example? How we can make crooked rib cages perfect ones. How we can fix wrong teeth positioning to its fundamental level (working in the bones that hold the teeth), without breaking needed equilibrium? How we can grow taller equally on all bones without it being by unnatural form? Maybe those things are too hard to even think about, but it will not get better if we don’t start working out on these things, more study should be conducted towards it, i hold this opinion.

Do you agree with me or not? If you don’t i challenge you to prove your point on the comments below!

But this is not all we are forgetting, i might talk soon about how we are forgeting the importance of sound on a VR scenario… UPDATE: HERE

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