Why i am so hopeful?

Why am i?

Because i belive in the transhuman movement, i belive in the thoughts of immortality achieved by scientific means (not dennying any other possible way, but just stating what is really within the common grasp, as i have no proof for others ways). Which would lead me to have almost infinity time (before the thermic death of universe) to live life and achieve great things, and sure be comfortable on the road.
Anyway, i am not afraid of dying, because if there is anything on the other side at all, we will just get by, as we do here in this human realm. If there is nothing, i only see it as eternal peace, and wouldn’t matter to me too. The point is, we should seek always for the better while we live, and if we die, we won’t miss ourselves, but rather the greatest pain is for those who like/love us.

Blurred night city lights - abstract landscape
That is the greatest reason of why i see better days ahead!

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