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The worst ways to use your money!
Ever felt a rush to spend money? I don’t! But for the poor souls who fall into this trap (including me), there is some advices.

So first the worst ways:
1) Drugs
2) Drinking
3) Partying
4) Games
5) Other useless stuff

Best ways to spend it:
1) Entrepreneurship
2) Investing
3) Saving
4) Education
5) House, household, car (when and necessary only)

It just is!

Patterns of luck and unluck through life (maybe it’s some hidden law of equality)

I can feel that through life there seems to have some days that we just happen to be “lucky”, and others normal, and other ones really “unlucky”. What could be the cause of this, some hidden law of universe/nature? I know about Karma and Dharma, Yin and Yang, positive and negative, high and low, bla bla bla, blo blo blo stuff. I have been one of those that belived something would happen in 2012, i know this stuff too well. But nowadays i am more of a agnostic guy, prove me and i will belive, otherwise my condolenceces, i can’t help ya!

So, the question is and remains, is it all a matter of simply dry cold statistics (which is not bad, by the way) or some universal law of equilibrium?

How we are forgetting the importance of sound on a VR scenario

When we think about the VR future, we usually think of immersive world where all our senses are immersed in a virtual world. But to imagine such thing we kind of focus on the visual scenario, rather than using all other senses. Through gaming we have seen that sound plays an important role in storytelling, though we don’t fully recognize its importance.

Nowadays games use recorded audio rather than generated audio from synthesizers, that leads us to the limitation of some recorded playback, which might sound ultra realistic, but set a lock on our possibilities and imagination. We could be way better now if we focused more on the development of audio, rather than record, but we decided for the easier road. Time will come to pay for this decision, when VR come it will be incomplete, though realistic looking, mark my words.

A quest to regain health

Throughout years and years of extensive research and profound dedication towards a unique goal (not really, lol), i have made many cuts in my diet, but wihout adding anything new, i see some problems that i always had getting better (almost none, now for real) or even vanishing because (almost none, yeah…) of this attitude, but i don’t think i am even near to achieve my maximum potential and reverse all the bad stuff i have to. I am still suffering the outcome of bad decision making, but slowly and surely i am walking towards a brighter future, where i can jump the bridge back to “nottingham” if so i discover that the cake was a lie!

Things i have cut

201100926-yogurt-primary 1328655553-hansens_juice_box_hero COXINHA-DE-FRANGO dea9669e-e446-4486-ae0a-f3225687c889B Farinha-de-mandioca macarrao-instantaneo-miojo shutterstock_111999368

and more, as i can’t remember right now… (one of these is a local food)

Is health a matter of good habits or a constant effort?

Well, when it comes to health i noticed a peculiar pattern, buf first let’s touch the common stream of thought from normalcy range people.

– The usual ideia

We hold within ourselves the distorted notion that health is a one way achieve all solution, well, maybe for some that holds true, but for most people it is not true. When you come to the health realm, if you have experience on it, like some people do, you will percive that while you might be tackling some problems here you might be creating others problems there, this image explains better than words:


Whoever played this game (Ragnarok Online) knows that when you create a character this diagram will show up and you will have to use your points to increase or decrease attributes, when you move to a side you will shrink the opposite side too, the same applies to health in life. Somethings might be good for X, but they may start to cause Y, which can be liveable or way worse than the original problem, it’s all up to decision.

Well, there is some way to find equilibrium in this madness i belive, but that is a thing i am still working on, and when i find the answer i will sure share with you guys!

Collapse, the normal tendecy of life

Life requires one thing so we can make through it as victorious! Effort, endeavour. Either you put it or life will have the tendecy towards not so good results (disaster). That is what i observed, and you may come to this conclusion too by making the experiment of doing nothing and completely stop acting, if you don’t brush your teeth they will have decay, if you don’t study you don’t get better (as i watched anime and didn’t learn many words), if you don’t work you don’t even have a chance to have financial freedom, if you don’t go after relationships you will never have them.

That is it for the time period folks!

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