Organizing is not about just doing, but keeping it mostly!!!

Lately, as i’ve been trying and “maybe” achieving more free time and space (both physical and virtual), i have organazed things, millions of times, but i always needed to organize again, and again, which lead me to frustation, but what is it about organizing that makes it so hard?

The way i see, organizing is a two steps process
– Organize
– Keep doing it regulary

As news things appears we should always try to give it to its place immediately, or we are going to have all of this unorganized mess again. One attitude that can help with this is focusing on things you already setted, and have, instead of adding new interests, the 5S methodology can help people out on this.

Well, i know i talked the very obvious of the obvious here, but it serves as a reminder, and it’s never enough to talk about this anyway.

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