The reasons i think my life is hell and i cannot accept doing nothing!

What would you do if you felt your life is a miserable wreck, full of problems, getting worse by the tick of the clock, requiring huge amounts of strenght everyday, stressing you ever more, attracting new problems without any reason and out of nowhere?

Why someone would think this? Because maybe for some life is really harder than for others, if you ignore the equality bullshit, Darma and Karma thing, and just dry analyze, you will start to notice, that life… has no need at all to make any sense, or being fair, life is just life. So, some people might get is easier and better, while others fuck themselves all the way to make throught it, if they ever do…

Well, when we have many reliefs we may feel the background screaming pain, but it will have its noise countered by our relief action, these actions come many ways, like, eating tasty food, drinking, smoking. If you cut these things, one by one, like i did (never smoked actually, and never liked alchool), and do, you will find yourself with an increased level of pain, like i do.

Oh the times i looked over to the sun in the rise of a new day, and asked myself where the good things of this world went? Is this life what is supposed to be?


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