Life plays the deception joke once again

Everything going down once again.

I need to get out from this mess, but how? Everytime i fail at these things, i can only return my focus on what i can achieve by myself, money, health, knowledge, but yeah, it feels empety, dry, and i don’t feel very encouraged to go back to this, but if it is all i have, and maybe, all i can achieve, then i should definitely embrace this!

So, as we are getting close to the end of the month, how things have been going?

In general, life is the same rollercoaster, it plays tricks all along, and i can not understand it, i look into the sun, i look to the empty wall and ask myself if life is really this dry, bleak desert, where only pain grows on its sands.


I didn’t changed anything financially, i’m really poor to a global level right now, maybe not so much on my country, but inflation and taxes has been destroying our economy, and i have 4x less than a dollar, with a simple buck from my country.

That’s why, i announce, not so happy, that my savings are: $1.500 in dollars
Right now…

And i have been saving for one year already, economizing up to 90% of my wage all months, i don’t use my money for anything else than emergencies, and that emergency never ultrapass this 90% month mark, almost all this time i have been saving 100%. Well fuck it if i am poor, it doesn’t mean i will be forever poor.


This column could very well talk about others social aspects of life, but do i care? No, not at all, at least for now, i’m very happy i have one good friend, and that is all i need, what i need now is a woman, but that i don’t have, so this column is dedicated to this cause only. What can i say?

I have been investing on this woman, trying to have some love in return, but i don’t know if i will make it, i have spot so many flaws in my way, but i don’t wanna fake something i am not, is either myself, or i don’t care if it doesn’t work (actually i do, but only on the pain side, because i know that i’m doing what is right!).

I don’t want to invest on anyone else right now, and i don’t know what i will do if i fail on this one, I will just keep surviving for sure, and well, what is life if not a big survival show? Where is the life?

blue streets rain men sad digital art artwork umbrellas alone man_www.wallpapermay.com_50


Until now i have been doing ok at university, while on spanish classes i could do much better if i studied, but i don’t care so much, what i really have to study really hard is for public concourse, That is the best output of money i can have here in my country at some level. So focus on it (not that i have been doing it, kind of out of time)


I want to change job, gain better, i don’t own anything, i don’t have a car, a house, an appartment, neither a motorcycle. Fuck it, but when i feel like buying something like this i just think to myself: There is no way i would be happy buying a popular class car, i want more, i want the best for me, i prefer to walk 20 miles, than spend my money on a popular car, but when we talk about good cars this story change. But for that, i need money on a stable fashion.

Well, i guess that is all



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