Short update on her

You can keep track of the whole story HERE, or read it all HERE 2

I have to say, i will try to do one thing before finishing off with her, and that is good for my own sake, what? Why?

What i am going to do

That is pretty simple, i am going to ask her to be my girlfriend, in the most direct manner as possible, at Skype i hope (didn’t skyped with her yet).


Well, that is simple too, at least for my view.

Before talking with her, i used to hit women randomly, but never kept conversation to a great level/degree before, because i have low social glue and energy, not even online (actually, even more online!). I don’t think i am good at the 2nd step after hiting a woman (let’s focus on online hiting here guys) with a great opener line.

So then, i kind of evolved, learned some things to talk and others to not, how to talk, what to talk, when to talk, but i am far from perfect, mind you, and personal and voice communication envolve many more variables i belive, and harder to hide, we all must learn to be a good actor, lol.

While i was talking with her i did so many steps, things that i wouldn’t normally do, like sending “hugs and kisses”, calling her cute names, talking about love/relationship, i don’t usually do this shit. Actually, i don’t think i ever did before her. This steady progression made me forget that i never asked a woman to be my GF before, which now, with a clear mind, i see that it is an opportunity to envolve on this, at least.

Though it doesn’t mean i will want to hit woman ever again if it fails, or at least in a short time, whatever short means…

So that is what i got to do, use this chance, to evolve, even if i fail, which i feel, alias, that where the greatest chances are. But i got to keep up, got to survive, in the end of the day, this is what i do, isn’t life about continuity?

What else of good came from her?

Since i started this all with her i followed some pretty good habits, like:
– Exercising
– Eating better, much better (though little)
– Stoped the male forever alone number one sport to play alone (at least for quite some time, not couting)

What else it made me see, which might be good?
– I was getting dangerous fat (i still have fat on my body, but now much less than when i started!)
– I am not handsome, though, i am not a foul beast too, but i am very far from attraction levels, and i can improve some things, but it will take a great deal of time and dedication, to reach near perfection status, i will need the future by my side, but that is dreaming, and couting on it is delusional, i will do what i can right now!
– I am not very good at resisting the games of relationship (good news is entering the game makes you evolve socially)
– I have a very low status quo level right now
– I have very high standards, and very low reciprocation level (maybe i should lower my standards a little, but that will hit the paradox in which, if i don’t have someone really high level, i don’t feel so much inspired to begin any shit, or even, keep up).

So, statistics on my hands, time to work out on it now!


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