Why choosing to live on Mars could be a really bad ideia?


Mars, oh Mars! This rounded red planet floating on the sky, lovely place to go, right?

Not so fast mindless decisions, if you look over history, what you are going to find? Take the Americas colonization for example, did it went really good? Why do you think it would be any different on Mars? I mean, it might be good right now, but has it always been? And, is it good for all countries today? I surely tell a big NO!

What i really think that it is going to happen to Mars, is something really near to what we always saw here on earth, whole countries still today fucked up because of some wrong colonization, i’m not saying colonizing some place is always bad, but there are good ways to do it, i tell you.

But i might be wrong, we never did something so huge to this extent ever before, like colonizing a whole planet, it might go really well, if good intentions goes along with right work, but it is not common to see these two fail to reach each other. What reasons we have to belive that this time it will be different?

Why did i want to go to Mars in the first place?

One day, as usual, dissapointed as usual with life, i wondered, as usual too, why do i keep living? What there is to life? (I sound like the depression and pessimistic king, right?), so i thought with myself: “i like so much the ideias and trends from the future, why not partaking in the development of humanity by going to Mars?”.

Maybe i could find something good there to do, some warm people, or simply have more value, put my skills learned until there (future point time) to good use. Or whatever…

But as you may see, this ideia was halted in me when i thought deeper about it.

Well, but what do i dread so much?

What i don’t like about the Mars ideia, is all the risk and unknown behide it, if we go to there, we have a greater risk to die, if life is already bad here on earth, with all those cool things to do, imagine the hell it would be on a new planet, where we don’t have anything really other than work?

What would be needed to go there? Let’s say 1.000.000 persons went to Mars like Elon Musk says in THIS ARTICLE, and let’s say 88% of these people, which would be 880.000 sold everything they had on earth to go to Mars, the rest of these people, the 120.000 already had the money. Ok, but let’s suppose that because of spatial laws, we can’t have assets on more than one planet, nor be citzens of more than one planet, what would happen? You would be going a one way trip to Mars with no cards to return! No matter what was your previously state!

I suppose some people, if not all, would be ok with this law, after all, why did they apply if they can’t follow the fucking rule? Well my friends, that happens before you know to a deep level something, once in Mars things can be really different than what you thought, imagine living in a really risky place, where you could die really quick if anything goes wrong with your suit, that is the kind of risk you will be living 24 hours.

You might starve at this place, you might die from the radiation there, as this is a planet without magnetic protection because it has a solid core, rather than liquid core like earth, which might fuck you up completely, changing your DNA, making lots of cancer in way to deliver your soul to Hell! Hahahahaha!

Maybe Doom, even turns true, which would be funny, lol!maxresdefault

But don’t forget the worst of it all, you might be thinking you will be doing something historic, which i won’t denny, but think about all the work you will have to do, and it won’t be for much, because you will not even be able to construct some patrimony there, as there is nothing to the red planet in it’s begin. Well, if you are an immortal, that doesn’t matter really, right?

What about earth?

Well folks, i think that earth will be really better when we start colonizing some planets out there,it is just like the old countries who colonized the Americas, Africa and the Asia, once they did it, they got more rich, and somehow now, misery lives more to these ex-colonized places than in their origin country, it’s like humanity exports misery to whatever place it goes.

So, i think the same might show to apply too in the future, Mars will be a fucking futuristic slave colony, where we mine resources and send them to earth, fucking leaving the planet with just traces of what it exports. Selling the ideia of Terraforming, which might happens, and might be really good once it happens, but what a hell of a time it will take? And why do we want to Terraform Mars instead of living in our Terra (i know, it is for the safeguard of the humanity, progress and stuff like that)? Isn’t Terrarepairing easier than Terraform?

Once we leave to Mars earth will get really better, but why? Because as developed countries nowadays were the ones to colonize, earth in general will go through the same process, that what history says, and you may say i’m wrong and that we can’t predict the future, which i agree, but what we always used to forecast the future? What we already know, it’s recorded on books, and that is my shoot.

So what will be left to earth?

A really good place to live, much better than today probably, maybe not all places, but all places in general will evolve, and over time every place will be quite good to live as any other, just choose and go! Even more if you consider the fact that we are getting more consciousness about ecological problems, social problems, technological problems, etc. All sums up to a better place to live, don’t you think?

But dad… i still wanna go to mars!!

If you really still wants to go, in case the chance happens to you, just do it, nobody will miss you truly other than those who know you, maybe (unless you are some big star, or whatever). But yet, i still feel the call to go too, be an adventurer, an explorer, a pioneer! But really? If i learned to use just half of my intelligence, i should wait and see what will become of this place before venturing into the unknow, after all:

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know

Well folks, look up at some pics from Mars, so to give an ideia of what it might look like as a colony, and how many people are interested.



And here is the earth, What it might look like in the future (i tried to keep it kind of realistic, because i don’t wanna dive too much in utopia)




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