5 reasons why you should save money!

ay_41636550-e1370854428240Hello there! I guess if you are reading this you are probably more of a spender than a saver, well the good news is, you can change this, maybe you already know a lot about this topic, but it’s never enough to reinforce the message, and who knows you learn something new?

Here are the 5 top reasons why you should start saving your money NOW!

1 – Emergency Fund
Number one reason starts with emergency funds, i don’t think i can make it anymore obvious, during life sometimes insurance is not enough, you will need some backup money at some point, better be safe than sorry, in truth, almost anything in your life will need a backup too, apply this principle and Voilà!

2 – Discipline
Saving money helps building you discipline, which will lead you to a behavior change, discipline + habits = do whatever you want. I’m not kidding, but to build discipline one must take small steps, and try to not outrun one’s own limits. I’m the living proof that discipline in every area of your life will help you achieving your goals, no matter what they are.

Keep in mind though, it might take a long time before seeing any result, but it will come.

3 – Goals realization
Not only it makes you being able to do anything, but it is a physical world bridge to accomplish goals that doesn’t depend only of your willpower and habits. If you want to buy a house, save a certain % of your income to it. Wanna pay the mortgage, do the same, buy a car? The same once again, and the list goes on. See? It is that simple, take a part of your money to do X, wait time Y, and get result Z.

4 – Passive income
If you are like me and you don’t have any specific goal where your money is directed to before the ultimate goal of Financial Freedom, or you are just saving for whatever other unknown cause. You can just like me, admire your passive income growing each and every month (or maybe days/weeks, it depends where your money is located). I guarantee that the feeling of seeing your passive income growing and adding to your total wealth each time you check it is a really good one!

5 – Financial Freedom
And last, but not least (maybe the most important, it depends on the person view), Financial Freedom, what do i mean by it? I mean, you will have so much money stored in your bank account and invested that you will have enough until the day you die if you use it on a pre set form. Or maybe if you are more ambicious (like i am), you will have a never ending fountain of money for your appreciation, and probably ever growing one too, growing so much you can’t even use your passive income because your lifestyle won’t afford to spend so much.

That really is a dream like scenario, isn’t?

So Black US, how do i get started?

Some people might say, if you can’t save enough to invest, it’s better to not even start. Well, do you know what i say to it? BULLSHIT, just start already saving any money ammount you can (i suggest you to save 20% of your wage at least, if you can spare it), in whatever measurable time you want, it can be daily, weekly, monthly, anual (i suggest on a monthly basis). Whatever! You get the ideia, just start it already, i promisse you won’t regret it, and if you which to spend and give up, you can always do it, your choice, the money is yours and in your control anyway.

But maybe i’m forgetting something important here, if you have holes in your boat, it’s better to patch it first. What i mean is, if you have debt, it’s better to start get rid of it first, not always though if you have some investment that pays you more than the speed from the taxes of your debt. I might enter on this on another topic.

Well, now you are debt free and started save money, what next?

Have a goal? Make a budget!

Want Financial Freedom? Make a plan on how to achieve, how much do you want on a monthly basis to spend? How long it will take to achieve FF? Why do you want Financial Freedom (so you don’t need to work? Security of mind, lessen your pain and misery? travel the world?) Maybe it would be easier to ask why you wouldn’t want FF, there is simple no way i would pass it!

Now you that you have your objective/goal set, start invest your money (which should be describe in detail on your plan of investment), if you have some info already, it’s best to take this step as soon as you can, you can adjust on the way, besides, i assume in this case you already know some stuff so you don’t take the worst path ever! And even by failing we gain a lesson or two.

Want to read more about investments types and how to invest?
Wait for a next post! Hahahaha kidding, you can check out these two links here:

Link 1 – Investopedia
Link 2 – Two cents life hacker

Good start and CIA guys!


Goals for November 2015

This will be a quick post with the goals for November of 2015.


  • Increase Blog popularity and social medias, get some comment and a follower, lol!!!


  • Keep dropping weight and follow my habit of eating
  • Keep exercising


  • Cut every bullshit and be focused as a dragon on what i need to do
  • Saying LOTS OF NO!


  • Study spanish as a routine
  • Study more to university, do well at the exams
  • Finding some space to study for public concourse, even if only one thing at a time
  • Keep drawing


  • Just not thinking much about it, resisting to any and every urge and following my vow, that is all that i need to make myself happy in this area.


  • Start investing
  • Organizing more my finacial movimentation
  • Enter the local financial community
  • ???

That is all readers, let’s see how i develope in the mean time.


1 November what happend in October?

Since my last post from 9 October, i vanished for a while, because i had too much work to do, and mainly because my schedule was hectic and i failed to control my internet usage (too many tabs). But altough that happend, i kept working on some things i set as priority, like my general phisical aspect, some skill development, finances and relationships. And in a subtle manner, by being active in the internet i worked for this blog too, because it has to do with my future plans for it.


This image gives an ideia of the the amount of work i had to deal in my job every day, i was exhausted during the night at home.

New guidelines for this blog

Well, i set new guidelines for this blog, because i didn’t liked the way things were going, too much negativity, and belive me, i’m not that negative in person, but it was a bad phase, which i belive now is starting to get better, it’s on my best interest it does!

So about the new guidelines for this blog, i set that i will post at least 2 posts every week, on every Wednesday at 0:00 a.m (local time) and every Saturday at 0:00 a.m (local time). I might post more, and i wish i do, because i have so much to share and discuss, but i can’t promise more than that for now.

Along with this, there will always be special closing and opening posts for the month that ended (like October ended yesterday) and the month that is coming (we are now in the beginning of November!).
These specials topics will be something like:
Closing: The results of the month in many areas of my life, like finances, health, relationship, etc. And a general talking evaluation about the blog or some other topic.
Opening: The short term goals for the weeks or the entire month during the starting new month, so i can evaluate my progress in the month end.

Enough of that, let’s get into the real deal! What happend in this time?


I did nothing that i can remember, of course i set no goals too for the month, so i can’t blame myself in any aspect for this month. But what i’ve been doing for sure here is working on my blog via informal means and soon i might start vlogging on my Youtube Channel, which might be a different form to bring cotent to you dear reader with more expression and quality, completing the experience offered by my words here.


Health related, i kept without consuming industrialized food overall, i still consume it though because of the spices on the food i eat, which i don’t have much control because i have to go with what there is to eat at work, but i try to stay more clean and basic, just some meats, mostly grilled chicken and some salad with grains, olive oil too some times during the week.

It’s been kind of great, and reduced some of misery related to symptoms i lately used to feel really bad, like sinus, runny nose, breathing problems, mouth ulcers and gas problems, just to say some, which are more common, though i had other more unlikely like stye. If not curing and banishing these problems, at least it helped to reduce its intensity and to space its occurrence.

About remedy and drugs, i still use a topical steroid every two weeks or more to control my seborrheic dermatitis, which i think is really prejudicial, and i will probably have to go on a withdrawal from topical steroids and every related product for one or two years, and the thought of going through it is hell to me and i try to avoid it at all coast as this will direct impact on my financial plans, i will probably have to stay locked in someones house for 2 years without working, just recovering.

As hard as it seems, i have to face it that if this is the only way, i will have to go through this, but meanwhile i try to purify my eating, maybe lately experiencing some raw vegan organic diet to combat this symptoms and not having to go through all of this, but only time can tell.

If you don’t know what i am talking about, just for the sake of increasing your own consciousness and knowledge, you can search about “topical steroid withdrawal” and “red skin syndrome”. By the way, i’m not even near as bad as the pictures you may find on Google, mind you.

The truth is, i made huge progress this year, and if i can be able to hold into what i did to solidify and increase the quality of my eating, i will be making a solid base to advance even further into the path of extreme health eating. Mind you, almost everyone you know will think you are crazy for what you are doing, but when you are so raided by health problems like i do, you will probably suicide or try to get better.

UPDATES (27/11/2016): Click HERE to see some updates i made about my health, i have bolded everything which i will talk about.


About exercise, i try to keep it simple, 30 minutes cardio on total, just doing some medium intesity with 2x – 1 min sprinting as hard as i can cardio on a stationary bycicle that i have in home. My routine is doing muscular exercises first, and cardio later, because it’s scientific proven that it’s better to do this way, and makes sense to use your energy for muscular activity before doing cardio to me. But i don’t do muscular exercise every day, i follow one day in, and one day out routine, even on the weekends.

My workout routine is as follows, not in any specific order:
– Inclined pushups (on a sofa)
– Two chairs triceps workout (one you sit your feet, the other you put your hands)
– Squat (without weight)
– Abdominal
– Everyday neck exercises (trying to fight some accient problem of mine, this is personal)

Lately i’m 2 weeks off from exercise, but i will return to track once again, as i did what i wanted to do, and now understand more about the necessity to FOCUS!

I’ve been doing this and had sucess to drop weight and enter again on my BMI superior normal range. I don’t know my Body Fat right now, but it seems lower than 20%. and right now i look like this:

1 IMG_20151031_172901830 IMG_20151031_172908356

What i like the most about my body is my veins, if i got some not so good genetic, at least i got good cards to my veins…

2 3

Anyway, i got much to work on my body still, and some things will need future tech, which i hope to help developing as i ain’t gonna stay waiting for a change.

This was Phase 1 of my goal, return home (BMI range), now phase 2 involves going to the lower range, or after the lower range, so i can figure out how to change body composition from there, i will not say much, better do, as i have work to do, and the way is hard as hell!


I kind of diminished and foccused more on the content i want online, but it is still not enough, i have a e-mail box full of info to catch up, and i don’t see myself doing this in 2015. I still need to learn more how to control myself, figure out patterns and triggers, just so i can have better results. One thing i surely learned is i can’t do everything, though i wanted, it’s time to FOCUS and learning to say NO!


Magically enough, i can keep up with good grades in general without having to give myself a lot to study, and my grades at university has been really high, though i want only the best and i’m still not there, nor do i realistic think i will get there as i am not focusing much on it, i should have studied more, but i didn’t…

I’m not studying to public concourses, neither i am studying spanish adequate enough, i will try to keep a routine, the problem with routines is that you don’t have much space for new things, and i always try to keep some space, but i see now that it’s time to focus on what i have choosen for a while, and reap the fruits later.



What could be the consequences of having it all? (thoughts about future possibilities)

Today i wanna talk about the future, tendencies and technologies, and its possible impacts on a social/mental/emotional level to us human beings. Rather than all obvious goods that come from technological development.

Before, let me explain one thing, i will try to write more about others things than my own life on a whining/expression (whatever way you see it) base, but it takes time, effort, organization and feeling at least a little good or inspired, which is hard for me nowadays. My apologies for doing that!

Well, the world is surely changing, as we live our daily lives, we don’t seem to notice a lot of the changes the world has been going through, though the time needed for innovation has only been decreasing as we can see in this graphic:

And that kind of sick speed advacing leads us to a problem we all already deal with daily, and probably only few have mastered how to deal with it, most of us are struggling with it, and that is the excess of information and its effects on us.

First problem: Excess of information

Take me as an example, some years ago, when i was younger, i would wander through sites that are so addicting, those who had some catch titles, infos and pictures, and the site would be full of pop ups, links and ads from other sites from their network.
Well, i guess you all know what happend, i lost hours and hours of my days, and weekends doing something that almost always wasn’t productive to my inner criteria. Like me, millions of other people fell for this trap and still fall nowadays, though i don’t do this, i still have focus problems while using the internet, i’m learning to say NO! But of course, this takes time, as it took me years to be in the place i am now in food habits (which isn’t on my goal still).

Second strike: Social isolation

This a problem widely discussed all over the media, just like the first problem, we are facing it now, it’s not a future thing, and this problem is bigger than the first one, because it doesn’t resume to how we individualy handle the information we are given, but involve all the people in our social circles, and we can’t change them.

What one can do is trying to use all social media given now in a intelligent way, and try to make meaniful relationship, i can tell by myself that there is significant difference between Digital contact and real contact, the real one involves so much more than what i know, like our senses and perception, it’s subtle in a way i can’t describe very well.

But what can we do we it comes to others? And the way others act will surely reflect on us, we are not isolated islands. What if your girlfriend/boyfriend uses the phone while with you? Or maybe even a friend? And if we talk about our relations nowadays being more about staying in home than going out and meeting people, worsening even more our social problems?


But getting a little deeper into this issue, maybe even on a philosophical view, isn’t this the fruit of our own weakness, our lack of domain from awkward silences, our running from ourselves, the lack of interest in what other people have to say or show, and our own lack when talking or showing things?

Ok, i talked about the main problems ravaging humanity today and created by our own technology (and who elses technology we know? Aliens? LOL)

Now for the future possible impacts here
Asteroid incoming, Fuck!!!

This is sure not about an asteroid hitting earth, because it would be a problem not made by humans. This is about our future dream like technologies.

What do you mean Black US? Our Dream techs against us? You are insane!!

If we could have it all, and we might soon, and i mean, if get to a level of biotechnology where it is possible to offer novel cosmetic treatment to every human on earth, what would be the consequence? We don’t even need to go to this level, what if we reach VR, where in our perfect simulated ambients we will be whatever we like, just like a dream, what this would lead to?

In a world without sexual diseases, what sex would be like? In a world without any need to work and a basic income (a widely discussed topic, search for it) what would drive humans?

Think about those things for sometime, what oppend the door to the problems aforementioned was giving more options, i’m not saying i’m against options, but i’m just inviting you to think about the future and what it might be, and even discuss it here, so we can be prepared for the things to come.

My opinion

In a world where everyone can be beautiful, beauty will lose a great deal of value, that also means that you beauty won’t be so much considered, so i don’t think it’s worth to dream about this gift from the future, it will be just normal. What will drive people to get together in such a world, personality? Status Quo?


If Status Quo turns to be the new standard of attraction, what a basic income society would do to it? Would your money and assets make a big change on how others perceive you? Because the exclusivity factor will be out of the game, money will lose its magic.


What would be left?


We all have our own personality, even if it is mimicking others, it’s our personality, when it comes to this, there are many categorizations we can do like:

Strange people:

Head bangers:
And of course, normal people, who might tend towards any of these styles, or others not cited here, on events or over normal life when freaking out:
vaghar social psych easp 2011

Other status Quo aspects

Like fame, power, strenght, skill, intelligence and others, that is, if intelligence, skill and strenght aren’t destroyed by future technologies too, of course.

And finally, if we lived in a world where virtual reality would rule, what value would our daily numbs lifes have? Would humans still want to have physical bodies, i say yes, not everyone would want VR or be completely immerse in VR like an addiction, but the numbers would incridible high, you can see the pattern by the using of technologies like smartphones everyday, almost everyone is hooked to this piece of tec nowadays.

To finish, in a world without sexual diseases, infidelity would soar even more, everyone if given the social basis to work on this, would be crazy hooking up. But would that fill the human experience and void? Would people stay forever like this, or soon would they realize that what they are doing is not bringing a lot of hapiness and learn how to deal with it so to change.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section so we can discuss, spread the world and help to publish this blog in anyway you can (links, spreading the news/words, liking, reblogging), i will appreciate it!