What could be the consequences of having it all? (thoughts about future possibilities)

Today i wanna talk about the future, tendencies and technologies, and its possible impacts on a social/mental/emotional level to us human beings. Rather than all obvious goods that come from technological development.

Before, let me explain one thing, i will try to write more about others things than my own life on a whining/expression (whatever way you see it) base, but it takes time, effort, organization and feeling at least a little good or inspired, which is hard for me nowadays. My apologies for doing that!

Well, the world is surely changing, as we live our daily lives, we don’t seem to notice a lot of the changes the world has been going through, though the time needed for innovation has only been decreasing as we can see in this graphic:

And that kind of sick speed advacing leads us to a problem we all already deal with daily, and probably only few have mastered how to deal with it, most of us are struggling with it, and that is the excess of information and its effects on us.

First problem: Excess of information

Take me as an example, some years ago, when i was younger, i would wander through sites that are so addicting, those who had some catch titles, infos and pictures, and the site would be full of pop ups, links and ads from other sites from their network.
Well, i guess you all know what happend, i lost hours and hours of my days, and weekends doing something that almost always wasn’t productive to my inner criteria. Like me, millions of other people fell for this trap and still fall nowadays, though i don’t do this, i still have focus problems while using the internet, i’m learning to say NO! But of course, this takes time, as it took me years to be in the place i am now in food habits (which isn’t on my goal still).

Second strike: Social isolation

This a problem widely discussed all over the media, just like the first problem, we are facing it now, it’s not a future thing, and this problem is bigger than the first one, because it doesn’t resume to how we individualy handle the information we are given, but involve all the people in our social circles, and we can’t change them.

What one can do is trying to use all social media given now in a intelligent way, and try to make meaniful relationship, i can tell by myself that there is significant difference between Digital contact and real contact, the real one involves so much more than what i know, like our senses and perception, it’s subtle in a way i can’t describe very well.

But what can we do we it comes to others? And the way others act will surely reflect on us, we are not isolated islands. What if your girlfriend/boyfriend uses the phone while with you? Or maybe even a friend? And if we talk about our relations nowadays being more about staying in home than going out and meeting people, worsening even more our social problems?


But getting a little deeper into this issue, maybe even on a philosophical view, isn’t this the fruit of our own weakness, our lack of domain from awkward silences, our running from ourselves, the lack of interest in what other people have to say or show, and our own lack when talking or showing things?

Ok, i talked about the main problems ravaging humanity today and created by our own technology (and who elses technology we know? Aliens? LOL)

Now for the future possible impacts here
Asteroid incoming, Fuck!!!

This is sure not about an asteroid hitting earth, because it would be a problem not made by humans. This is about our future dream like technologies.

What do you mean Black US? Our Dream techs against us? You are insane!!

If we could have it all, and we might soon, and i mean, if get to a level of biotechnology where it is possible to offer novel cosmetic treatment to every human on earth, what would be the consequence? We don’t even need to go to this level, what if we reach VR, where in our perfect simulated ambients we will be whatever we like, just like a dream, what this would lead to?

In a world without sexual diseases, what sex would be like? In a world without any need to work and a basic income (a widely discussed topic, search for it) what would drive humans?

Think about those things for sometime, what oppend the door to the problems aforementioned was giving more options, i’m not saying i’m against options, but i’m just inviting you to think about the future and what it might be, and even discuss it here, so we can be prepared for the things to come.

My opinion

In a world where everyone can be beautiful, beauty will lose a great deal of value, that also means that you beauty won’t be so much considered, so i don’t think it’s worth to dream about this gift from the future, it will be just normal. What will drive people to get together in such a world, personality? Status Quo?


If Status Quo turns to be the new standard of attraction, what a basic income society would do to it? Would your money and assets make a big change on how others perceive you? Because the exclusivity factor will be out of the game, money will lose its magic.


What would be left?


We all have our own personality, even if it is mimicking others, it’s our personality, when it comes to this, there are many categorizations we can do like:

Strange people:

Head bangers:
And of course, normal people, who might tend towards any of these styles, or others not cited here, on events or over normal life when freaking out:
vaghar social psych easp 2011

Other status Quo aspects

Like fame, power, strenght, skill, intelligence and others, that is, if intelligence, skill and strenght aren’t destroyed by future technologies too, of course.

And finally, if we lived in a world where virtual reality would rule, what value would our daily numbs lifes have? Would humans still want to have physical bodies, i say yes, not everyone would want VR or be completely immerse in VR like an addiction, but the numbers would incridible high, you can see the pattern by the using of technologies like smartphones everyday, almost everyone is hooked to this piece of tec nowadays.

To finish, in a world without sexual diseases, infidelity would soar even more, everyone if given the social basis to work on this, would be crazy hooking up. But would that fill the human experience and void? Would people stay forever like this, or soon would they realize that what they are doing is not bringing a lot of hapiness and learn how to deal with it so to change.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section so we can discuss, spread the world and help to publish this blog in anyway you can (links, spreading the news/words, liking, reblogging), i will appreciate it!

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