What happend during this time

During this period of absence i have been proven wrong, time and time again about convictions i hold strong about myself, and things i thought i had overcome. Oh how dearly wrong i was to assume such things! Now i’m still paying the price, and trying to get out from this period which i call the darkest of my life ever.

But enough with that, though i thought (and still do when i’m there *Most of the time*), i force myself to belive there is a way out. Do you wanna know the good side? I really opened myself up to things that i was previously too much “materialized” to do.

No matter how much i sometimes though to help others, i was too insensitive, and didn’t understand how/why people help others (not that i didn’t helped anybody, but i wasn’t the guy you could count to make donations, of both time, money, or anything to other people, only a few which called my attention). But now, even if i don’t enjoy things i used to as much (i actually don’t even do them anymore), i find joy in helping other people, and being good in general.

This is surely a good thing to do, i’m not out of the pit i find myself into, but i will not increase others suffering too, i can’t afford to do this.

This explains what happend in thins while, or at least, all that is really important to share.


Now i hope you are doing well, truly, from heart, and if not, that you find what you are looking for!


Yours, Black US…


I’m still alive

Yes, i’m still alive, maybe not on my best, but i will keep trying, nobody would do the contrary, as i see, of course. But it’s fair to say not everyone finds out the best ways for themselves, but we can still try, that is not taken from us.

My views were very negative in the beginning of this blog, as the name say, BLACK US, it’s the beginning of a changing, maybe one day i will call myself as WHITE US (by the way, no prejudice here). As i wrote some stuff very negative, i will not permit myself anymore to do such, i want to help others, and myself too if possible, anytime, and it’s not through negativity that i will be able to do it so.

No matter what is the situation of the past, or what may come be of the future, you are living right NOW, and you should never alow to future or past events to ruin your soul right now, it’s useless for yourself. And this is not some new age BS, this is the truth!

Maybe the strongest hope is the one where you can’t see a future, but still acts and belive there got to be a way.


I’m with you all, and wish you the best!
On this date i just want say: i will not forget you…