My eternal mandatory commitment

Hi, Black US XY here!

So, lately i was thinking, about some things, and i noticed, to change everything that i dislike, even if i can’t make it, i do need one thing, which is: “Eternal mandatory commitment”.


I’ve been having problems with my nose (which it seems i have found a way to control it, but i will only be able to say if that works well if i keep up what i am doing until the end of this year) and eyes, the first one is always running, very sensible, sneezing all day long, which makes me unable to fuction properly (aka study at home). The second one is sensible, itching sometimes, get red really bad if eat salty food and attracts odd looks. (just one eye though, oddly enough)

I do have other problems too, but i don’t think is worthwhile to focus on them now, meanwhile my mental health is pretty stable, i think the most i have ever been in my life, maybe thankful to some new habits shown by “” and developed by “me”, like meditation for instance. So this is very good that i am able to stay positive through the bodily chaos/havock i’m going through.

I have ideals, and i see them around in the people in which we live together in this planet, some people hold more of this ideals, some less, i do have some too myself. But it’s kind of schocking a little bit that those do well while this one struggles to find some answers, but anyway, that just the way it is.

I want to get better and achieve great results, i have already said here i have a transhumanist mindset about life duration and technology, so i do have a lot of time to work in this life. The worse stuff was that even though i would keep walking when things went wrong, i would feel really off place mentally speaking, but it seems now i am more able to stay in the same mental place, it might have to do with loosening the necessity to feel control about life and removing shoulds and shouldn’ts from it.

About the long time i have in my hands, that is where come my commitment, i will (seems like i have no option anyway) commit myself to always explore some ways to get my health better, have some financial freedom, learning stuff and knowing more about the borders of the human existence experience. About health now, which is in crysis, i need to go as deep as humanly possible (inception, lol) to see if it can help me, and if it can, for how long.

So that is it, this means i am working to do some good stuff and bring some light to this world and my life, i hope i will come back in some time with some even greater news, and that this one post sounded a bit more positive than what i have written lately.



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