The actual state of medicine (+ update)

In the past, many times it happend to me that after scheduling and going to an appointment with a doctor i would be badly treated, this would made me feel revolted and not very open to trust this class of workers, oh my…

But what do i mean by badly treated?

Treated like a mad person whose ideias are too uncanny to even be considered, having difficult to express myself and not being listen, not being given proper time to examination running through the appoitment and being joked upon.

Well, some of those things still happens nowadays, but what changed? I don’t care as much as i did before, i understand that medicine is not a final stage, state of art field, and that leads to many breaches to fail. I understand nowadays that it is almost impossible to treat every patient with proper care, medicine rightnow is more of a safeguard that if something very urgent happens, there will be someone with the right technique to take care of it, in many cases at least.

Overall i lowered my expectations and upped my realization.

The medical field right now doesn’t work so well to diagnostic some things that are uncommon and not so urgent/primordial care. It’s a blunt tool, one should know how to best approach and use it, so one doesn’t fall over the pitfalls of medicine (like topical steroids addiction and any other medication really), one goo use can be bloodtests to preview the formation of any disease, in that manner one can tackle stuff that is already happening or might happen if the natural course follows.

But this is not the only problem with medicine

This is not the only problem with medicine, another problem is the butchering that is happening on many surgery rooms, it is life saving, i do reckonize, but it is too old, too antique, our current understanding makes we see the dark side of those surgeries, it’s time for a better way, and many research the basis of this revolution right now, bioengineering can serve very well as the tool to achieve the next level, i talked about it in my last post, which you can see clicking HERE.

The quest for a virus free world

DRACO is the acronym made by Dr. Todd Rider from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it stands for Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizer, nice name for such a miraculous piece of potential technology. It basicaly works by identifying inside cells, double strands of dsRNA from cells infected by any kind of virus, if this happens, a autoswitch for cell suicide is turned on and the cell apoptosis itself.

This technology has been tested in some kind of viruses with mammals, but it needs more resources and publication so Dr. Rider can improve the technology and continue the study until if proven safe, release the technology to combat many diseases that plagues us today. It’s incredible how little published this has been, and the research even has received some recognitions from many important institutes, like the White House, National Institute of health and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

I think it is very important to help this research, i’ve seem the pappers and it seems promissing, please, if you can, help by funding or spreading awareness of this, the link to the indie gogo campaing is HERE, there you can find more information about Dr. Todd Rider quest, and by no means it is only his quest, it is a quest for all of the humanity that has been plagued by these viral diseases since man is known as man.



Just for a quick and short overview, ND being Nothing to Declare

Health: I’m exercising again and trying to eat better, i keep the steroids withdrawal as i said i would, it is too early to tell if i have any progress i think. About eating i have cut bread and now i eat sweet potatoes in the morning along with water or some juice (if not orange, i put sugar, unrefined sugar is better, when i have some in my house).

Finances: I have long stopped talking about it, i do not work anymore, so i have no cash in, i spended alot during this year, but i still have more than half of the money i had in my peak, i just need to stop using more now, i will not look for investments because i’m not with the mind, nor much free time and cash incoming to feel like doing this.

Relationship: ND

Study: A long haul, i’m trying to go back to my track, university is over, now i have more time to pursue the public career.

Now with some other topics

During the life of this blog, since i have opened it in july 2015, i have thought many times about deleting some posts, pictures, infos and sometimes the entire blog, maybe that is a common thought to anyone who has an online blog/youtube channel/social media account/etc. The problem is that i have changed in this little time, and as i change i do not agree with some things and views i had about life anymore, some other problem is identity risk, anyway, i had until now always decided to stay with everything, maybe in hopes to show that some transforming your life is possible, that is why the name of my alias is Black US XY, because it starts very dark, but it gets clearer and clearer along the path, that why i say: Step one: Freedom achiever, because we have to be free before we can explore existence, but that is a deep topic, for future conversations.

I changed my view (i no longer think in the same way i used too)

You could say that maybe i am more optimistic, maybe i am more realistic, but surely i feel that this just has to do with a growing awareness that focus on solutions, problems and bad stuff that happen doesn’t help anything, and this is a very realistic view in my perspective. Yeah, it’s good to be aware of the problems you can have if “X” happens, but it also very good to stop whining a bit and work out to solve stuff.

One of the things that i always whined about was relationship, i have many posts talking about this, i don’t feel it is any productive anymore, i just say i haven’t give up, maybe because the human instict is greater than the human paranoia. Anyway, i no longer care much about this, i’m working my way out to solve stuff, in due time i will work on this area too, but right now my health calls urgently!

Another thing i wish to leave here is, do not let yourself be guided by blind people, be it in health, finances, relationship advice, whatever. If you have some knowledge of these areas and know some experts tactics, it doesn’t mean you have to follow everything of what they say (or maybe anything at all), but of course, if you are a completely ignorant about these areas, maybe you should listen to someone before just so you know more about what you are dealing with, after that, follow your intuition.

I hope this helps someone as this has proven to help me, at least in my emotional state, which is very important.

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