The quest to crack the code! (TOPICAL STEROIDS WITHDRAWAL)


Hello there, Black US here,

Today i will talk about my quest to crack the code of Topical Steroids Withdrawal, what i have been doing, my thoughts about this and how i am.

When i say i “crack the code” i mean mostly recovering my health, or at least most of it, yes, recovering, because i knew what was to be health prior to having problems with seborrheic dermatitis, which was a gateway to a myriad of problems.



So first my thoughts, what is Topical Steroids Withdrawal on a nutshell? Basically it’s a process that one person goes through after leaving the steroid or steroids this person was using, it happens when the body gets addicted to the substance and can no longer show normalcy without its usage, after leaving the drug, the body starts a recover process with the beginning phase being really bad in appearance and the later phases really better.

But don’t get me wrong here, steroids withdrawal is not a linear process, there are at least some ups and downs in this process to be experienced, varying quantity depending on the person own factors. This was steroids withdrawal in a nutshell (focusing on topical one, but the same principle applies to oral, nasal steroids, though there might be some differences).

Well, after this little introduction, here come comes my thoughts about this.

I do not think that steroids withdrawal are the causation of the symptoms the person has after leaving it, at least after a while, what i do believe is that some imbalance occurs and leaves the body in havoc, but if the person doesn’t tackle this imbalance by other means (aka diet + exercise + lifestlye) he or she will not have success in retreat the disease.

Why i think like this? Because after leaving steroids for almost a month (getting there), although i do recognize it hasn’t been such a long time so i can talk like i’m an expert in this ordeal, i see some patterns arising which indicates that such statements might highly be possible, when i left i got really bad for the first week, then i started to recover in the second week, after that, downfall to the third week, now going to a month and 4 weeks i’m recovering once again, but no big change right now.

All right, i don’t have enough data to make an analysis in my case, but i have long looked out for other persons who are going through this struggle and see this pattern of a little up and some serious down, really repeating itself, over and over again, and what i do notice in many of these persons is that, they do not believe that their health has anything or at least much to do with their diet/lifestlye/exercising. While others who tackle into these 3 factors seem to get the best recovery, of course i will not deny DNA differences among them all, but this is a recurrent pattern i see, and maybe you can confirm this too if you do your own research.

I will not put links or names here, because i hold privacy of these people in high regards, as they are already helping many of us. This idea that the body will recover from steroids withdrawal by itself, with due time and no other change, is a widespread idea that came first, i believe, by ITSAN, which is a great organization, but doesn’t mean they don’t have any flaws there.

So my advice for your, in case you are going through the same struggle is, do something to get your health even better, eat healthier, lookout for allergies, sensibilities, thriving food, diet styles, gut health, stress reduction, bathing in sun, making positive social bonds/relationships, exercising both aerobic (not too much, intense) and anaerobic (with or without weights), and you will probably get a little better, at least, listen to your body, or learn how, go there, get informed!



So, as i believe i have said in the previous post, i have cut all gluten from my diet, after eliminating bread, now i want to invest in leaving nightshades, latter i can remove meat (though i’m totally ok with eating eat, i do accept the possibility of a primal diet being positive for me), increasing organics intake, adjusting quantity, taking some Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements (i will still do it), i’m tackling and experiencing with fasting and intermittent fasting too (now i’m fasting on Sundays, after riding the bicycle for 2 hours in the morning), exercising 30 min everyday and doing anaerobic bodyweight exercises every 2 days. That is just a quick overview, i might chart this better in the future explaining each point and why i think it is important to do things in such a manner.

Other than that i started experimenting with oil pulling with coconut oil, just the benefit of a whiter teeth is enough for me, of course, i researched the possible side effects of such practices, and i do recognize there might be some risks, like lipoid pneumonia, but i will do my own research anyway, the experiment is a 1 month test, after that i might leave this for two times a year if all goes well, like The Hungarian Experiment. But my schedule is 10 min a day, during all days, first a streak of 2 weeks, after that only 3 times a week, and after 30 days i will stop, i might post the results here.

As i heard, this oil pulling might have many benefits due to mechanical action only, if that is the case, i will try next swishing salt with water in my mouth and see what results it gives. Nah! Stopped oil pulling, it is not for me, after reading THIS ARTICLE i thought better, i don’t need to whiten my teeth, i don’t drink coffer nor ever i did a lot of it, my teeth are fairly white and i don’t smoke, not only that but i feel some mucus down my throat really easy, so i might be putting my life at risk of worsening, and that is something i don’t wanna do, ignorance has been the cause of many disgraces to me before, i’m avoiding another possible disgrace now.

I think that resumes most of my action nowadays.



It seems that i’m getting better right now, going up the curve, but who knows for how long before i fall down once again? Or maybe this is the time to get out from this and i will never get bad again, whatever, i don’t know…

Images speak better than words, so here are some:

1)- TSW on my face, phases, the first picture from left to right was taken on 09/10/2016, somewhere Pre-TSW, i was using steroids on and off, the second picture was the last day i used steroids, 11/20/2016, and the third picture was just yesterday (12/15/2016), where i came off from some flaring and got a little better (little redness, mostly flaking, thanks “god” i don’t ooze), i’m even better today i believe.


2)- My fingers downfall, the first image from left to right was taken in 08/29/2016, my fingers were normal, but some small rashes started to appear, after that it went downhill with these three, i suspect it was a combination of using touching in gel to comb my hair (which drys the skin) + steroids + bad diet, but it can be something else entirely, the last photo was taken at 12/11/2016, my fingers are still bad like that, just less reddish.

OBS: I had this problem before since 2006/2007/2008 (can’t remember), and lasted for years in all my fingers from the right hand, later it spread to the left hand, after years and years, somewhere along 2014, my fingers got much better when i started working, and it lasted until 2016, as you can see.


3)- And last, some other points and images, from left to right, my fingers, geographic tongue (a non contagious and usually inoffensive syndrome where the tongue have with some spots, they come and go, changing places or entering remission, i don’t know if you can see in the picture but i have two, one on the left side and the other over the tip of my tongue, usually they are small like the one over the tip, but this one over my left side was really abnormal, i never had this so big before so i took a pic) taken at 12/12/2016, and some dandruff near my Alopecia (it looks like telogen/anagen effluvium not alopecia, but the official diagnosis was alopecia, might i say without deeper investigation, just in locco observation) sideburns, and my hairline dandruff, both taken yesterday (12/15/2016).


Overall, i’m not really that bad, there are many people going through harder times than me there, but even these problems are enough to hinder a lot of potential in life, we should always seek the best health possible.


Hope it helps

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