UPDATE – January 2017

Hello there!

So, as i have completely neglected during 2016 the “MY GOALS FOR THE YEAR” tab, this year i will do different and update it, you can check it by clicking HERE.

Ok, now that i have started this year the “proper way”, i wanna keep doing what i did before and which i considered to be good, one of that things was the updates posts, following the exact same format.

NOTE: As i said in my previous post, i had some HD accident recently, so i ask you to excuse me, but there will be no photos here, that is, until i can recover the data, if it is even possible.

Well, with that said, let’s begin!


Oh boy! Man! I’ve never did so many things in my life, of course, i mean for so long, my life seems to be really turning the wheels, but caution here, every time one is in such a situation, one has to be careful to not delude himself, life can work, but i might not to, the important here is to try to never lose sight of your goals. And that is exactly what i’ve been trying to do, to me, more important than achieving these things is to learn to enjoy the path and to keep the goals in my head, like a burning passion, until it’s DONE! And then… NEXT!


Most of the info i can tell about my health is in my last post, click HERE to read it. Other than that i can tell that one of the things i do to try to get better around my face and faster is a lymphatic massage around the face, i do it myself, with my hands. Go lookout for it in the youtube if you would like to embark on that too, there are many ways to do it, i don’t know if my way is the best or if it’s even helping at all, i just know that i plan to keep testing it until december of this year.

My body is pretty ok, nothing that upsets me so much, my head/face has always being the center of problems, with things like sore cankers (diminished a lot), bloodshot eyes (decreased intensity), dandruff (really better without using anything, but i still have some behind, near the neck area), seborrheic dermatitis around my face/ears (still a main problem), styes (gone for more than a year), sore throats (not for some months).

About my fitness, i’ve really focused on it again, i’ve bought some equipment and i will soon install it to do calisthenics exercises at home, i hope to see some real gains by the end of this year.

As soon as i recover my HD data i will post here photos about how i achieved to get to my lowest normal BMI, as i said previously in this post HERE. This was phase 2, now phase 3 begins, increase body weight just a little above BMI normal range limit with as little fat increase as possible (i was at 11% BF with my lowest BMI), maximal muscle increase and then, shed all fat layers, until i drop to the maximum normal range BMI, and from there on, i hope to decrease even further BF, maintaining weigh levels around this range and increasing muscle while decreasing fat, that would be phase 4 (which might start this year already). My goal with BF is ≤ 8%.

My cardio routine is 3 days a week, 2 with a stationary bike i have at home, 29 min medium intensity, 1 min high intensity. Total: 30 min per session/day.
My exercise routine is 1 day i train the upper body, 1 day i train legs, and in one day i do abdominal exercises. I will not put it here, because i might soon change, but i will say that with the exercises i’ve chosen to do i try to workout all muscles in these groups, and that is all, once i start a proper calisthenic routing i will update here. I plan to follow Frank Medrano routine, i will tell you guys later (of course i will not post the exact routine, because it is protected).


As i said in THIS post, focus is really, really, REALLY! NEEDED! I can’t tell how much you really wanna focus if you want to achieve things, i insist you learn to say NO! To unwanted situations, learn to stand for yourself, learn to be bold, go out there and get out from your comfort zone, only then you have a chance to have needed strength to focus at the tasks you need. Have you not understood why and what i said? If you don’t go out there and put yourself away from your comfort zone, how can you have the courage to say no when others try to offer you a distraction? But be vigilant, saying no to others is just one face of the coin, the other is saying no to yourself, your internal bullshit (sorry for the term) stories, and everything, you really don’t need to think much, yet you listen to your thoughts as they were that much important, you probably don’t know their potential to lead you astray, so stay vigilant! FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!


I’m not studying spanish anymore, because i want to focus in the studying needed for the public concourse, in order to get my job, but i plan to return as soon as i get the job (if i do!). And then, i’m really looking forward to keep studying, but this time to the scientific area, which really makes me wonder so much about all the future possibilities, and how i can try to help to make some of them real.


I’m not on a relationship right now, but i’m open for it!


I’ve lost a lot of money lately, but i still have some, though the crash of my HD will be really a heavy duty for my wallet in order to fix it. But the data i have is important enough for me to do so, then, i will do it. Other than that, i’ve reintroduced the study of finances, i study this area and other 3 by doing a cyclic book reading kind of thing, one book of each area per cycle, until i complete 4 books, and the cycle restart, this is really amazing, i’ve already read 3 books this year, which is a first, because i wasn’t very fond of reading books throughout my life, but now as i recognize the value of information, i excited to begin this journey!

Very soon, if i am able to get the job i want, i will be able the start increasing my reserves again, and this time i’ve learned to spend wisely, not swinging the pendulum to the other extremity of being a tight-fist. I hope soon to be back with the numbers here.

One piece of wisdom i can leave here is, one of the financial principles i’ve learned in my life is, not only investing money and holding money back to make reserves, but to invest in yourself, in order to get a bigger return/wage. That is what i’m doing by studying to public concourses.

Education (NEW!):

I was a undergraduate in accouting, no longer i am, now that i finished my university bachelor degree. I look for to enter the scientific field (aka biophisical/engineering/chemical area), can you guess what i want?

My grades at university were really great during the entire year of 2016, i totally had not trouble to graduate, this was very encouraging in all areas of my life, it’s essential we have these little victories so we remember what we are capable if we put effort to achieve our goals.


This post was entirely based on THIS ONE, go check it out!


The quest to crack the code – part 2

Hello there, just a quick update, i might edit this one later (or not).

I’ve lost photographic data due to some HD accident, so no photos in this post (even though i could take some now and post it, but i will not show what i originally intended to show if i do so), i’m already working on it to solve this problem.

I’m quite the same, but my hair/scalp has been really almost free from dandruff, which is a first, i’ve never been so clear during my entire life from dandruff without using anything to achieve that! Not only that, but next to my ears, i had some flaking, nearby the cheekbones, about the height of my nose, but this flaking has considerably diminished, which is really cool, but i’m not counting on anything here, let time work its way. The last thing and worst area has been near my nose, in the sinus area, it got really red and flaky some days ago, but now it is back to normality, i guess that might be the cycles of TSW, who knows?

I guess it’s that, once again, if i have the opportunity i will post some pics here to show what i’m talking about, hope you guys are doing well.


Thoughts about 2017

It’s a new year, i’ve been wanting to write about what that brings me forth for some weeks, but i lacked (really!) the time. Now that i have some time in hands due to some occurrences. In this post i would like to start tackling the importance of DISCIPLINE.

A few days ago i had this question: “How do i do to achieve objectives?”, after discarding some initial answers i came with this one: “The only way one can achieve their objectives is by having discipline”. Ok, but what is “discipline” really? We seem to hold some common ideia that discipline involves organization, effort and willpower, which is ok, i’m not going to say it’s a false notion, but i feel there is a lot more to discipline and in a much better structural way.

I asked myself, what is a good way to schematic “discipline”? What is essential to this tool (if you will)?

So i made this:

Let me explain it…

First, you have the sight of an ideia/opportunity, throughout the day of a normal person this happens many times, once this happens, our paradigms/mental background/scenario/personality filters through all of this and elect the best ideias opportunities, this is where a spark of motivation happens and willpower to go after it is born. Returning a step, when we find something interesting that is set as an objective, but how clear this objective is in our mind depends upon the amount of willpower generated, i would even risk to say we have unlimited objectives, but only few ones are looked upon as worthy by us (which is ok, this has to do with focus and i will explain later why).

After that initial phase the next step is taken, action, that is where many of us have gone but few have went beyond of this, because of the cloudy part of “discipline”. What happens is that the willpower/motivation generates energy that bring us forth to trying to realized our objectives, but we fail after quite a short time, why? Because we hadn’t give enough power/time to achieve our objective, so we aren’t able to materialize our vision. Though many of us, if not taken by other objectives, will keep trying, this is “persistence”, the recycling symbol near willpower means that over time, willpower will be charged enough again to remake an attempt, following the path of persistence, this is one aspect of discipline, and many are capable of seeing this, but there is a more forgotten and harder aspect of discipline needed too, named “consistence”.

Consistence is the ability of doing something over and over again in a pace that make things possible to be achieved, the more consistency one have towards an objective, the faster they will be able to make it true (if this consistency is held with quality and efficiency at least). There is a break even point to start making things happen, example: If you start holding more money than what you spend, you will start increase your reserves. That was a very simple example just to show how consistency works. But what makes consistency possible?

As you might have already seen in the graphic above, habit is the key to unlock consistence, that information alone could help some people that know how to change their own habits, but most of the people doesn’t know how to do that. In order to change one’s habit, one should always seek to build momentum, be gradual, take your time, work on what you wanna do but take the baby steps first, build up over time, in that way it’s almost sure you can achieve anything. Though, somethings doesn’t seem to work in that manner, for example, a NO FAP journey requires a lot of trying over and over again, that is why persistence is needed for discipline and consistency alone isn’t the only thing needed. By the way, if one is having trouble in making some habits, other than momentum one can use the tool of rebuilding the subconscious signals from NPL, how do you do this? Example: Let’s say you always binge eat junk food when you return home from work, because in the way to your house, there is a Mac Donalds, you can go through another route so you don’t keeping sending and reinforcing the signal of binge eating whenever that situation appears, at least for a time, in order to rewire your brain, after that, you can try to slowly using your older route (remember? momentum building), once you feel confident enough you can return you daily habitual route 365 days of the year.


There is a myriad of things that only work given due time, and we are not used to that, we really are faulting when it comes to psychologically grasp long term commitment. It’s easy to map out a solution to others problems and struggles, but it is really hard to follow a solution we planned until the end (if your are wise enough to set a limit time, which is a totally must!). Not only that, but we get lost in the conception of new plans to resolve our problems, and in doing so, we never really give the necessary time to experience if the primary planned solution would work or not, and gets even worse, because as soon as we change to our new plan, a new one appears and we are tempted to change again, and so on and so forth, the cycle goes. Although, there is more, the plan part is just one side of our demise, the other side is the difficulties we all have to face during the execution of our plans, if we are not strongly decided and prepared, we give up really fast, like the tick of the berk!

What for “god’s” sake could save us then? Maybe this: Ask yourself whenever your face difficulties, pains and struggle, “what is the most important thing i should be doing right now? What is my goal? What should i be doing?”, and keep in your head daily the 2 sides i have told you about above.

Remember, some things only show result after months, a year, 5 years or maybe even a decade, so be patient!

And maybe that can be enough to build your patience alone, if not, your are not completely lost now, you at least have a light to look forward.


So… in this year, as i am almost sure you, dear reader, as many others have had this thought of making something greater in their life, achieving goals and dreams, realizing visions, complete all your new’s year resolution, i want you to take this from this post. I really hope you start using more of these tools, and commit yourselves to learn more about them, not only that, but to master their use, i’m here to help you with my experience if you find it valuable, let’s walk together the path towards our ultimate visions!

Make yourself 2017 your best year ever!

More content to come, stay tuned!