The quest to crack the code – part 2

Hello there, just a quick update, i might edit this one later (or not).

I’ve lost photographic data due to some HD accident, so no photos in this post (even though i could take some now and post it, but i will not show what i originally intended to show if i do so), i’m already working on it to solve this problem.

I’m quite the same, but my hair/scalp has been really almost free from dandruff, which is a first, i’ve never been so clear during my entire life from dandruff without using anything to achieve that! Not only that, but next to my ears, i had some flaking, nearby the cheekbones, about the height of my nose, but this flaking has considerably diminished, which is really cool, but i’m not counting on anything here, let time work its way. The last thing and worst area has been near my nose, in the sinus area, it got really red and flaky some days ago, but now it is back to normality, i guess that might be the cycles of TSW, who knows?

I guess it’s that, once again, if i have the opportunity i will post some pics here to show what i’m talking about, hope you guys are doing well.


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