How we are forgetting the importance of sound on a VR scenario – Part 2

Hello there! Black US here,

Back in September, 9, 2015, i have briefly talked about the importance autonomous sound generation development for future Virtual Reality (VR) scenario and how we are forgetting the importance of sound on a VR scenario. Today i would like to continue this important topic with some new information that i have found.

Recently, during my daily news intake from the site Futurism, i have found this amazing Youtube channel named Two Minute Papers, from an austrian guy named Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. The channel consists of videos at the length of 2 minutes reviewing many interesting, futuristic and cool technologies mainly from the computational field, like: Image synthesis from text with Deep Learning, AI makes 3D models from Photos, Deep Learning and Cancer Research and 3D printing with Filigree Patterns, just to cite a few.

So, i have found this incredible video which goes into a lot of the technical detail that i do not posses the ability to transfer, so go watch it now if you wish, there is a link to the scientific page on the youtube channel video link:

Basically, what he says in the video is that it is now possible to synthesize virtual sound estimating vertices of deformation originated during maneuvering of material. I believe the sound has to be compared with the real thing just to have a notion, but, none the less, it is still quite amazing.

One of my critics back in 2015 was:

“Nowadays games use recorded audio rather than generated audio from synthesizers, that leads us to the limitation of some recorded playback, which might sound ultra realistic, but set a lock on our possibilities and imagination. We could be way better now if we focused more on the development of audio, rather than record, but we decided for the easier road. Time will come to pay for this decision, when VR come it will be incomplete, though realistic looking, mark my words.”

This new research really is a surprise to me, i thought this kind of thing would be decades away, it is amazing to see how fast technology is moving! This is not exactly what i meant, but is a progress, and should be recognized. I feel it is very important to keep working on this kind of technology which could make our VR experience in games (a huge important market nowadays) really better, or even the non VR experience too. Not only that, but this kind of technology could be used in many other areas like schools, universities, medicine, physics, engineering, building and others.

That is what i had to say, stay tuned for more news to come!


¹ – For those of you who don’t know, when i say CIA i mean “see you later”.

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