News – 09/2017


Lately i’ve not dedicated myself in any way to this blog, i usually wonder from time to time, and i’ve came to the conclusion that i dislike some things that i’ve written (yes… i would do them different now), so as it was the case i eliminated this barrier, no long i possess these posts here, and some posts have been altered.

Other than that i would like to talk about my health status and a little gadget i’ve recently found and would find very interesting to share this here


Remember the TONGUE PROBLEM? Solved! Or at least for quite some time, i don’t bother anymore about it, what i did was lower my iron by cutting red meat and reducing (for some time) orange juice and other citric fruits. If that worked in my favor, or what exactly, i can’t tell exactly, but it has been almost 9 months and i can’t remember any tongue maps anymore.

I promissed i would put some photos from my physic change, well i ended up not fixing my HD, but i found these photos so you can have an ideia of where i went…


There is this new cool VR Gear Headset capable of mind control by reading brain waves, in case you never heard about it check out these 2 videos:

HTC Vive Modified With Neurable Reads Your Mind At SIGGRAPH

Neurable, Inc Investor Demostration Video

As i said in both videos, i will repeat here again shortly, i see this technology developing faster and gaining more attention if the software developers use this mixed with our actual controls, like keyboards, mouses and joysticks… Though not only, because we can always develope and discover more if we dedicate a part for standalone use (though a minor one).


That is it for now, got no time, much work comming in my way.
Thanks for the visit.

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