Top 5 reasons why YOUR digital upload will be a no brainer!

So the year is 2116, you decide to take a break from academia pursuits or your business ventures. After 4 consecutive Phd’s in different areas and a multi billionaire business skyrocketing its sucess upon your shoulders of wisdom from living 100+ years you decide you had enough and it is time for vacation.


The thing is, it is not just a normal vacation, very recently technologies have made a trip to other planets in the solar system cheaper than ever – even cheaper than todays run of the mill airplane passage. You buy your ticket to return to earth, a planet you haven’t visited for years while creating your venusian corp.


Okay, here we really begin the topic, what kind of adventure the future might possible reserve for someone living in this scenario? And what does it all have do with digital upload?


What is digital upload

Discarding the ordinary upload of normal files to the internet we run into another possibility, whole brain uploading/mind uploading. I guess if you are interested in the topics that i normaly talk about in this blog, you might be acquainted with the concept, but for those of you who are new to this concept, mind upload is a theorized technology capable of transfering one’s consciousness into a digital scenario (with the possibility of interacting with the physical world) by coping the brain in its functions and all connections patterns in detail.


Controversies with digital upload

If you copy your brain into the cloud and keep your physical self alive, will this “copy” be you or just a copy? Well, i ain’t gonna go through all the details involved with this, but basically there 2 main streams of thought:

1 – If you copy yourself to the cloud you will never be the one there, only your copy, which is a separated entity.

2 – If you copy yourself while deactivating your related brain areas while keep some of your brain functions in the physical one and others in the digital brain, you might in the end be able to transfer your whole consciousness.

The first group believe there is something in the physical body that is inherent to the consciousness itself, even if it can’t be pinpointed. So… No es Possible Passar la Consciousness!

The second group find it most likely that the argument of Theseus boat is true (change one plank each every year at a time, will the boat be the same one after you change every plank – basically), so… Yes! You can be uploaded!


Consequences of being uploaded

  • Immortality
  • Altered time perception (because you will think a million times faster)
  • Super intelligence
  • Super memory
  • New found control over your own emotions and extreme emotions range

And many, many, MANY, others.


Reasons why it is a no brainer to upload yourself

1 – Freedom without irreversibly consequences

Continuing with our story, our guy is headed towards earth, he is somehow bored of how he lived for so long without taking many risks, but he is risk averse not because he was born that way, but because it was necessary to change his brain in order to preserve his life. So he decides to turn off any averse risk mechanism of his minds and only turn it on if he gets uploaded.

Now all the fun starts, all the things that were prohibited for him, as an individual averse to risk, are now liberated for exploration deeper and deeper. Our individual chose wingsuit skydiving on earth, at the old mountains of norway.

FULL_mount_F Credits to VYLE (no gains are made this picture, the picture will be removed under the artist request)

After thousands of jumps, something went wrong, even though we are far safer in the future compared to the beginning of the 21 century, things still aren’t perfect. But that’s ok, near his neck in the wingsuit and inside his body lies a blackbox for urgent digital upload, with almost unlimited width of band, it could upload 10 people simutaneously almost instantenously without breaking a sweat.

Our guy died, and was immediatly transmited to the new international space station (which now is actually a ring around the earth) and rapidly relayed to safe storage around the inner solay system asteroids belt, in the banks of digital “souls”. What will he feel when he wakes up? A heaven like life? Time passing by slowly?

2 – New discoveries and optional path for boredom cases

Some people will be genuinly bored but others will be “bored” of life, the difference between the 2 cases is that people who are genuinly bored are the people who really explored every facet of the human physical life possible (i highly doubt anyone can do this in 100 years, if ever…), but the other case is just people who are lack imagination and found theyselves bored to death.

3 – Colectioners cases

Our third case looks similar to the second one, but it is different in a sense, because people might get bored but have the collector impulse (have you ever played a RPG and found yourself trying to open all chests, find all armors and swords, using all magics?) and in that case, the collector impulse will trump over the boredom.

3 – Impulse (yes, people will do this by impulse)

How many persons have you met in life who make a tatoo just by impulse? Many will be the cases where there will be people digitaly uploaded just because they had some impulse.

4 – Vital failure prevention

Imagine that for whatever reason you have a heart attack (if you still have one in the future, or at least, a biological one), we will probably have a faster emergency response and 24h health monitoring to respond to such hypothetical situation, but if some decides to stay alone in an isolated place, how fast we could get there to save a person in this situation?

5 – Accidents protection

Protection in this case related to ultimate death, not the accident itself. I guess you can figure many situations where this would be useful, for instance a car accident, falling from high places, accidental explosions, drowning, burning and many others. This could be applied even to defense, if somebody try to kill you, they will very hardly succeed (and not because they will oblitarate you physical body, but because they would need make a conjunct attack to digital storages around the space and relay points, which would be really hard and made with protection to this type of attack, because we are talking about many lives, not yours only).


Keeping up with the world advances

As more and more people go into the cloud and we develop AI (or it develop itself) more and more, the world will change in a rate that no human alive today is equiped to respond to. It’s not just about the pace of change but the high flux of information. Even if everything stayed static and no evolution happend, the flux of information is too high for normal unupgraded humans to keep up.

So there you have it, 5 reasons plus one for why you will probably upload your mind in the future, even if you don’t like all parts of this ideia.


Next we are going to see these 2 topics:

1) Two highly effective approaches for learning

2) AGI vs Nuclear Fusion vs Quantum Computers

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