I’m alive and well (kinda)

I’ve been away, i confess, i wanted to give up on this blog, but fortunately wordpress doesn’t let you do this. This blog is not in the direction i wanted it to be, i wanted to talk about very intimate things here as probably nobody was listening and no connections to my identity could be made. Unfortunately i don’t believe in the current scenario that to be the case (even if it’s not now, certainly in the future it won’t be private).

Things have changed quite a lot in my life lately, mostly in a bad manner, not only personally, but due to world distress too.

I’m not where i want to be yet, but i feel it getting closer, the place i need to be though isn’t final goals, but working towards them, that’s what fill my heart with content and life with meaning.

I hope i have more and better news in the future to give, sooner than later.


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