Black US XY, this is my alias, i try to capture the many meanings of what i perceive to like and try to achieve by this simple name.

Learning is a process that makes anyone big one day, everyday we make steps without noticing any difference, but one day a breakthrough is bound to happen. Though don’t fool yourself, if you don’t strive for the right NEEDED things, you will not get what you want, because you focused too much on what you WANT, rather than what is NEEDED, and learning what is NEEDED can be a struggle, boring, but it’s the toll to pay for achieving what we desire. Are you up for the price of success?
P.S.: About things NEEDED, check out THIS excellent video of Leo Gura from Actualized.org

But who am i? I am an alone complex entity, i am the representation of persistence, i am a single voice representing many on a masterful silence universe. I am different, but sometimes ordinary only.

The rest, i leave up to you, you decide who i am, and what are you…


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