Goals for November 2015

This will be a quick post with the goals for November of 2015.


  • Increase Blog popularity and social medias, get some comment and a follower, lol!!!


  • Keep dropping weight and follow my habit of eating
  • Keep exercising


  • Cut every bullshit and be focused as a dragon on what i need to do
  • Saying LOTS OF NO!


  • Study spanish as a routine
  • Study more to university, do well at the exams
  • Finding some space to study for public concourse, even if only one thing at a time
  • Keep drawing


  • Just not thinking much about it, resisting to any and every urge and following my vow, that is all that i need to make myself happy in this area.


  • Start investing
  • Organizing more my finacial movimentation
  • Enter the local financial community
  • ???

That is all readers, let’s see how i develope in the mean time.


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