The crookedness feeling i get everytime i try to keep a routine of exercise (Plunge or Die!)

If there is one thing i have been trying since my teenager years, that is exercising, but i always stopped, like there is some kind of curse. But that is not true, there are no curses to this, and now that i’m older, i think i can start to point out some things that might be to blame:

1) Schedule change
When we were younger, probably all of us had more time than what we have today, throughout our years we make it from the primary school to the high school, and then to the university, work, etc… That for sure is a time consumer, so it’s kind of hard as a fully grown up adult, which actually works, to have much time to keep some things, it then becomes a matter of prioritization, but i let this to other time.

2) Lack of patience and strategy
Without patience you long for results faster than they are being given, and without strategy, you will probably not get the results you were looking for. Life is not a continuous line, it’s an odd line.

3) Crookedness feeling
Now this is very special for me, because most people won’t have to deal with scoliosis when trying to build they physic up. Well, i have too, i don’t know if i will be ever be able to resolve this problem, but i got enough of this fear of getting more crooked, to the depths of hell with this, i’m going and there is no regret!

That’s all for now folks!

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