The real challenge for an ASI


Much is talked about the Artificial Superintelligence (ASI), which should come just as soon as we make the first Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and which come long after our created (actual state) Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI).

If you wanna know more about why i’m talking about this topic, or fully understand what i mean in this topic, please check out THIS, in case you didn’t already.

Contrary to the author at “Wait But Why?”, i kind of have a feel that humanity, and an ASI should not differentiate so much in the end, when it comes to some things, it’s just a matter of seeing, humanity isn’t completely oblivious about the greats misteries of universe, i don’t see how being superintelligente would lead to this AI having answers we do not have, or fully understanding things we only grasp.

Of course, the author of WBW, has his point when he says that superintelligence, along with the development of others senses humans don’t have, should lead an ASI to make things we cannot even imagine, or understand. But that doesn’t make it very super ultra pontent in my view, i think moderation is the wisest path when thinking about this. Humanity is not to be taken as nothing (and no, i’m not kidding).

When it comes to the part where an ASI could easily extinct the human race though, i agree fully with the WBW author, i don’t think we need to discuss here why, right? Grey/Gray Goo is a sure and a terrifying way to make it. But enough of this, why do i think an ASI will not be very much ahead of us when it comes to grasping existence, and why this may be our biggest downfall (i will talk about this on other topic)?

What is to grasp the existence?

Grasping the existence is to feel your colocation inside of it, and know that, you don’t know everything, and there are things you don’t even imagine. The great mysteries of the universe, can an ASI win over it? Can an ASI actually find ways to overcome something so big, so massive, that we can’t even understand well, like the Universe Thermic Death? Maybe it can understand all the laws that involves it, but to overcome it, I think it can’t, it’s the great filter for all that exists in the Universe, and we have no proof of pararell universe.

But what that might mean for us?

That might be humanity biggest downfall, to see the appice of its own creation, fail to save anything against the hard codded laws of the universe. What that means to humans? Depression, and that might be one reason why intelligence is not found anywhere in the universe. Maybe they just see the meaningless everything and vanish forever.

One way or another, we might be doomed to cease existence, just because we can not make it until the very last moment, end of all and win over its supreme absolute laws.

I’m sorry this article was so short, but i took so much time to write it that i actually have forgotten what would be written here.    


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